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How Do I Learn Drumming Without a Drum Set?

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There’s a lot you can do with a pair of sticks and a practice pad. They range from $20-$80. My favourite is the Ecopad, it’s around $70 but has excellent rebound. Any $20 pad will do the job though.

And keep in mind when buying sticks – I’ve found the $15 pairs last about four times as long as the $5 pairs. They’re weighted better too. Vic Firth and Vater are the best in my opinion. Use a metronome for the most effective practice (I use Mobile Metronome, free app for Google phones).

A good method for learning drum beats without a kit is using any old chair with a back on it. Place the practice pad on the seat of the chair, which becomes the snare drum. Use the back of the chair for the hi-hat.

by Rockstart Tuition, Melbourne

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