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  1. Awesome post! Learning beyond the exam scores is so important to remember when you’re doing any kind of tutoring or learning program. So much of the education and learning process is achieved by improving the overall confidence of a student, thereby increasing their receptiveness to new information. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Before school is also a great time to get extra tutoring. A little instruction early in the morning can catch a student when they’re fresh and ready for the day, and it sometimes opens them up to more effective learning in the classroom. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  3. I just got my son’s quarterly report card and it’s not that good. In fact, the teacher has recommended that he get some tutoring and so I want to make sure that he gets the best one who can help him pass this school year and move onto the next grade. I like the idea of checking my tutor’s credentials, but is there a way to check their track record for helping their clients succeed?

  4. Great Blog! I am preparing for IELTS preparation & looking forward to get admitted to USA top university. I really enjoyed your blog and definitely share with friend. Thanks

  5. I’m thinking of starting tutoring, and this article has really helped me understand what would be expected of me. I especially like your tip to know what the student and their parents are trying to achieve. I can see how it would be important to make expectations clear at the start so that your customer is happy with the product they receive. Thanks for all the information!

  6. Mostly we can be asked these questions in which we have to describe one of the most successful lessons which we have taught in a class. Or which qualities we should see in principle.I think it is a informative site.Thanks for sharing.

  7. My name is Victor from Kenya and I would like to get scholarship to play basketball in Australia and also to study there ,I will be 17 years next year .

  8. Great article, β€” a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom. Your articles are rich food for thought every time I come across them and are also a true inspiration for those of us who want to get better every day. Thanks for spreading your experience. That’s really inspiring.

  9. Hey, great article. I started my career in teaching in the same dilemma, but now its not my second profession. Haha, I so enjoyed teaching and learning new things that I shifted my career completely into teaching.

  10. Love the list. For the first piece, a couple of big advantages to myHomework being purpose built for students: the planner can be shared with a tutor quite easily and my university students can get a jumpstart by importing their assignments from canvas.

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