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Australian Academy of Maths and English

Australian Academy of Maths and English Perth, WA 6000

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About Us

Australian Academy of Maths and English (Perth) is a specialist tutoring academy focused on helping Western Australian Primary School and High School students achieve top results in Maths and English subjects.

At Australian Academy of Maths and English (Perth), we are dedicated to helping our students reach their full potential. We strive to do this by transforming our students to be true learners; by instilling them with the knowledge, confidence, vigour and insight to be successful in their academic and personal lives.

Our One-On-One in-home private tutoring lessons support exactly what is being taught in school. Our interactive tutoring, testing and revision programs cater to all learning styles and abilities.

Our tutoring programs are featured with:

- One-On-One Tutoring in Student's Home
- Personalised Lesson Plan on Assessment Findings
- Individual Attention to Each Student
- Student Progress Report to Parents

For more information please visit web site http://www.aameperth.com.au

Lesson Information

  • Lesson Type:
  • One to One
  • In Group
  • Lesson Language:
  • English-General
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