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Music Teacher Jobs List – Parents and Students who are looking for a music teacher

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Listing Date Job ID Subject Location Suburb Job Details Apply
2017/12/1414 December 2017 Tutoring Job
Piano(Music) Hobart Margate, TAS 7054 Hi there, I was wondering if you're still offering piano lessons? I'm a beginner and uni student looking to learn. I have a piano at my house so if you'd prefer to come to me that's fine. Thank you, Sarah Apply Now
2017/12/1414 December 2017 Tutoring Job
Violin(Music) Melbourne Ferntree Gully, VIC 3156 My 2 boys need a violin teacher, want to pass AMEB test Apply Now
2017/12/1414 December 2017 Tutoring Job
Accordion(Music) Perth Midland, WA 6056 I would like to learn to play piano accordion and I would like my son Yvan to learn aswell. We have a small and a large piano accordion that I have purchased. Lessons to begin jan /feb 2018. Apply Now
2017/12/1111 December 2017 Tutoring Job
Piano(Music) Adelaide North Adelaide, SA 5006 Hi, I need to piano tutor for my son. To do grade AMEB exam. What kind of tutoring are you offering? Thanks Apply Now
2017/12/066 December 2017 Tutoring Job
Piano(Music) Sydney St Leonards, NSW 2065 Hey I am a 23 year old German musician and producer who is here in Sydney until February/March and I want to take (jazz-) piano lessons while I am in town once a week. Next year I'll apply for a University Degree called Music and Media Germany and I want to prepare for the admission exam. The long term goal with that is doing film music. I just bought a pretty cheap Keyboard and bought a pedal for it last week, so it is ok to practice on. If that is possible I would maybe prefer to take the lessons somewhere else, wherever we can use a proper piano :) My focus will be on jazz music, especially sheet reading, some improvisation, some aural training and less music theory. My level is between beginner and intermediate! I am looking to hear from you ;) Wolfgang Apply Now
2017/12/022 December 2017 Tutoring Job
Piano(Music) Sydney Glenfield, NSW 2167 Hi, I am looking for a piano tutor for my year 1 kid. How does it work? What's your hourly fee? Giving me more details is highly appropriate it. Thanks, Irene Apply Now
2017/11/2626 November 2017 Tutoring Job
Drama(Music) Sydney Ulladulla, NSW 2539 preferably looking for a tutor for acting :-) Apply Now
2017/11/2222 November 2017 Tutoring Job
Piano(Music) Melbourne Doncaster, VIC 3108 Please call me as promptly possible to make booking and assessment for my son's piano lesson. Thank you. Patricia Apply Now
2017/11/2121 November 2017 Tutoring Job
Drums(Music) Perth Woodvale, WA 6026 Hi, looking for a mobile tutor for my 9 year old daughter. Half an hour once.a week. Apply Now