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Andrew H

Andrew H Melbourne, VIC 3000

  • Graduated with a scholarship from Oxford University in a Master of Engineering and Computing and have been working as a private tutor teaching primarily Maths, Physics and Computing for over eight years.
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I am a 34 year old private tutor who graduated with a scholarship from Oxford University in a Master of Engineering and Computing and have been working as a private tutor teaching primarily Maths, Physics and Computing for over eight years.

I am able to tutor from the State Library weekday evenings or from Abbotsford at other times. I also offer online Skype tuition.

I have a recent Australian Police Check.

For testimonials, qualifications and more information please see my website www.oxfordtutor.co.uk (please ignore the UK content, I've not yet updated it for Australia which I've recently emmigrated to).




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  • Working with Children Check
  • Police Check (Reference No.: Upon Request)


Private Tutoring

2003 - 2015

MENG Masters Oxford Univeristy 1st Scholarship 3rd in year

Oxford University

1999 - 2003


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  • Melbourne, VIC 3000
Alex Bennison (13 Sep 2016)
Andy has been a great tutor for me since I started having lessons with him. He's not only helped me with my computer science, but has also provided me with the skills to use in other subjects too, which has greatly boosted my performance. Andy has a great teaching technique where he teaches you how to teach yourself, which is an all round must have for doing any sort of qualification. Thanks Andy!
Hector Castanada (12 Nov 2015)
Learning from Andy has really boosted my confidence and I've learnt a lot of Physics! He is a very good teacher!
Shane Murphy (11 Nov 2015)
Andy offered good, enjoyable lessons. His teaching style helped me develop the answers required in the exams.
Aigerim Salim (10 Nov 2015)
Because English is not my first or second language, I found understanding A level Maths problems in English initially very difficult. However, after just a few lessons I noticed an improvement due to Andy's excellent teaching technique - he will give you time to think and then explain. He can find an individual approach for every student and will motivate you to work hard and appreciate the study skills he teaches.
Brett Bates (7 Nov 2015)
Andy taught me how to derive the equations I need myself. This is a much more useful exam technique than trying to remember meaningless equations from the books!
Navin (3 Nov 2015)
Andy has made all the lessons enjoyable by teaching every topic in a practical manner.
Arseniy Beliy (28 Oct 2015)
Helpful because I had to derive the equations myself, therefore understanding the subject better. I will definitely be back next year!
Thomas (26 Oct 2015)
The extra tuition I had with Andy gave me much more confidence in dealing with difficult maths questions. His methodical approach of teaching certainly improved my discipline in the laying out of my work.
Cham (22 Oct 2015)
I found it extremely useful because he wouldn't give me the whole answer, he would gently push (not literally) me in the right direction.
I would then have enough information to work out the answer for myself.
Jessica (22 Oct 2015)
By making me think of the answer myself, Andy helped me learn the syllabus better.
Charles Richards (17 Oct 2015)
I found Andy's style of teaching very effective in helping me recall intrinsic parts of my course.
Lessons were productive, combining humour and practical tasks in a way that is conducive to learning.
Costin Whale (12 Oct 2015)
Andy is a likeable, easy to talk to tutor who explains things clearly and in detail, especially the important fundamentals. Would recommend highly.
Cris Gardner (9 Oct 2015)
I thought Andy's tutoring was very helpful, especially in Physics. His explanations were clear and easy to follow and going through the past papers with him definitely helped me with my exam technique and my confidence of the topics we worked through. Definitely recommended!
Andrew Rendall (23 Sep 2015)
Andy has been a challenging and engaging tutor. I feel much more confident about my exam now.
Isaac Miiro (18 Sep 2015)
Teaching style is very good always making sure I know the basics then moving onto more complex work. Very good teaching skills.
Natasha Skeet (14 Sep 2015)
I thought Andy's tuition was interesting and different to how I had been taught before. It was very worthwhile and useful.
Katrina Josephides (12 Sep 2015)
Good style of teaching - always making me work things out for myself.
Ella Sibley (9 Sep 2015)
Andy managed to teach me the entirety of three Further Maths modules in the space of about six months. I feel like I have a better understanding than if I were to be taught in a classroom even though I only did a few hours a week. I think he helped me because he would not simply tell me the answer if I was struggling, but make me work it out. (I also got to have lessons in the sunshine in the garden!
Catherine Howe (6 Sep 2015)
Andy's tuition improved my confidence and ability to tackle challenging mathematical questions and physics concepts.
Aniruddh Unandrasheka (31 Aug 2015)
Andy's way of teaching really helped me understand Physics. I am now really confident going into my exams and doing well.
William Row & Jessica Gooding (31 Aug 2015)
Andy helped us to improve our confidence and understand all the formulas we needed to use. Good teaching method.
Adam Walker (21 Aug 2015)
He's good. He made me think about maths logically not like a different language.
Bill Fisher (19 Aug 2015)
Andy is really good at getting straight to the point of the topic / question. He explains things in a concise and condensed manner.