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Through perfecting first principles, mastering exam technique and concept driven learning, we teach students to be critical thinkers so they can tackle exams without fear. Apart from top HSC results, we aim to shape your future in a more drastic way. Recently, SynergyTV was launched to help inspire your thinking. For now, #askSynergyTV is one of the ways to do that. Through Q&A we want you (students/parents) to pick our brains so you have our side of thinking/ framework to make decisions on whatever you need.

Ask us questions through:

Facebook: @hscsynergy
Snapchat: hscSynergyTV (This is where our attention is)
Youtube: SynergyTV

(If any other tutors want to partner or get involved in the videos then PLEASE email me (Gary))

P.S Please include your name with the question. Thank you!

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Welcome everyone!

If your goal is to achieve a band 6 for HSC ext 1 & 2 math, physics and chemistry please keep reading! My name is Gary and along with my colleagues Amir, Vinh and Evan specialise in giving YOU the secrets to getting a band 6 in HSC math (3u and 4u), physics and chemistry. Over the last 5 years, we have taught hundreds of students and every student we have taught have achieved AT LEAST a band 5/6 in every subject. Most of them have gone on to study:

- Medicine
- Optometry
- Dentistry
- Law
- Engineering
- Commerce

at leading universities across Australia. The 2015 results spoke for themselves. Out of the 50 students we taught:

99.85 was the top ATAR
92.85 was the lowest ATAR
96.20 was the average ATAR
92 was the average mark for Chemistry
91 was the average mark for Physics
90% Achieved the TOP BAND in Ext 1 Math (94 was the average)
90+ for Ext 2 Math was achieved by 80% of our students

Although these results are exceptional, none of our students were exceptionally smart themselves (Only half attended a selective school). The results are due to a combination of SMART guidance and HARDWORK!

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How Did Our Students Gain Such Exceptional Results?

- Learning special exam techniques that has allowed them to think and do questions faster
- Consistent internal quiz/exam feedback
- Marked & critiqued homework with exceptional improvement in response technique
- Excelled in understanding more in less time
- Consistent help in school assessments tasks
- We do inclass chemistry experiments helping them gain an obvious advantage during school exams (Most students perform poorly at this in school assessments)

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The team consists of highly experienced and regarded engineers/scientists including:

Gary (myself)
- Completed a BE in Mining Engineering (UNSW), completing a Business Degree and a PhD candidate for a Doctorate in Chemistry.
- 5+ years of teaching HSC 4u math, physics and chemistry
- Currently on an Academic Scholarship

- Completed a BE in Electrical Engineering (UNSW), completing a Masters in Electrical Engineering and a PhD candidate for a Doctorate in Physics.
- 5+ years of teaching HSC 4u math, physics and chemistry

Doctor Vinh Giang
- A medical doctor for over 20 years
- 10+ years in teaching HSC 3u & 4u Math

Doctor Evan Zhang
- Future medical doctor
- 3-4 years in teaching HSC 3u & 4u Math

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If you are ready to have someone mentor you to reach your goals then here are the details of our classes:

1. Year 12 Classes run for 3 hours with a short break/ Year 11 classes run for 2 hours with a short break

2. Each class has approximately 5 - 8 students

3. The Charge rate will be $25/hour for year 11 and year 12

4. Each class will consist of Quiz, Theory and Homework

5. First lesson is FREE!

7. Contact us for class times!

7. Promise of a great learning environment and fantastic class room!

9. Location: Strathfield and Castle Hill (Partnership with Mr Shen)

Please give me a call/email, and we can discuss exactly we can you help achieve YOUR goals! My mobile number is 0466 342 939 and our email is

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC1042189E, Expiry Date: 17/06/2016)
  • Police Check


Doctorate of Chemistry/Physics


2016 - 2016

Doctorate of Chemistry/Physics


2016 - 2016

(In Progress)


See why 100's have chosen us (FREE TRIAL!)

Come see why 100's of students have chosen to learn with us with your first lesson being completely free of charge!

Promotion End On 05/08/2017


Students receive:

- Academically written theory handbooks every week
- HSC style homework and quizzes every week
- In - class hands on chemistry EXPERIMENTS
- Exam strategy, techniques and band 6 sample answers
- Free consultations for school assessments

Class Schedule:

Year 11 Chemistry- Sunday 1:00 - 3:00 (2 hours)
Year 12 Chemistry - Saturday 10:00 - 12:30 (2 hours)

Students receive:

- An education experience for HSC Ext 1 & 2 Mathematics
- Academically written theory handbooks every week
- HSC style homework and quizzes every week
- Exam strategy and techniques for solving extremely hard questions
- Free consultations for school assessments

Year 11 Ext 1 Math - Thursday 4:15 - 6:15 (2 hours)
Year 12 Ext 2 Math - Friday 4:00 - 7:00 (3 hours

Students receive:

- Academically written theory handbooks every week
- HSC style homework and quizzes every week
- In - class hands on physics EXPERIMENTS
- Exam strategy, techniques and band 6 sample answers
- Free consultations for school assessments

Class Schedule:

Year 11 Physics - Sunday 3:30 - 5:30 (2 hours)
Year 12 Physics - Saturday 1:00 - 3:30 (2.5 hours)

Lesson Information

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  • One to One
  • In Group


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Jin Nam (26 Mar 2017)
Top notes and resources. Highly recommded
Joseph Lam (25 Oct 2016)
Currently, I'm in year 10 and I go here for chemistry and physics. The teachers explain the concepts really well.
Harry Guo (9 Oct 2016)
These guys are super passionate about learning. Great resources and videos!
Joseph Kim (20 Sep 2016)
Came top 5 for physics this year for my trials in a selective school because of these guys. Much appreciate all the learning resources and explanations. Goodluck guys.
Mark Kang (14 Sep 2016)
Agree with Edwin. We appreciate the dedication. Resources are really helpful for revision. Goodluck for the youtube videos!
Edwin C (14 Sep 2016)
I sent Gary and Amir a bunch of questions for my year 11 yearlies. They responded to them within a few hours. Super helpful. Thank alot!
Melinda (30 Aug 2016)
Tried my first class with Synergy chemistry, math and physics. Loving it so far!
Ben Wong (24 Aug 2016)
Great resources and teaching for physics, chemistry and math! Would highly recommend!
Sharon Bui (14 Aug 2016)
I have a really good feeling about my physics and chemistry trials. Thank you so much for all the help throughout the year.
Jessica Zhu (29 Jul 2016)
Thanks for all the help so far!
Andrew lam (16 Jul 2016)
Everyone is super helpful and their physics explanations are really easy to understand. I don't do chemistry but others have recommended them.
Jennifer (15 Jul 2016)
Great booklets and really easy to understand in class explanations! More people should know about you!
Michael Zhang (11 Jul 2016)
Scored 93 in Chemistry and 92 in Physics with these guys. Enough said!
Ester Lim (9 Jul 2016)
Really great after hours support for any questions. I've also found the chemistry/physics booklets and notes to be excellent resources for exam study.
Richard Shi (2 Jul 2016)
Very knowledgeable and helpful tutor. Thoroughly explains difficult concepts in a way for all students to understand and provides helpful tips to improve exam-technique. Overall great tutor, highly recommended.
Kris (1 Jul 2016)
The resources are exceptional! Thank you Gary and Amir for being super helpful with everything. Thanks guys!