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  • 2016 HSC | 99.95 ATAR | 1st in NSW for Eco | 8th in NSW for Adv. Eng
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About Me

Hi there,

My name is Spencer Hu. I recently graduated as the DUX of James Ruse Agricultural Highschool (the Best School in the State) in 2016 with an ATAR of 99.95 (the highest possible ATAR). I am looking to tutor students 1 on 1 or in a group setting.

My HSC Marks included:

- Economics (98) (STATE RANKED 1st in NSW)

- Advanced English (98) (STATE RANKED 8th in NSW)

- 4u Mathematics (98)

- 3u Mathematics (99)

- Physics (96) with an EXTERNAL Mark of 97

Proof can be found in the following LINK and attached PHOTOS.

I am willing to tutor for the following subjects:

- HSC Advanced English at $45/hr (1 on 1 ONLY)
- HSC Economics at $40/hr ($30/hr if in a group i.e. 2 or more students)
- HSC Physics at $40/hr ($30/hr if in a group)
- Prelim 3u Mathematics at $40/hr ($30/hr if in a group)
- HSC 3u/4u Mathematics at $40/hr ($30/hr if in a group)

What I offer:

- Advanced English:

I studied the following texts for my HSC: The Tempest, Pride and Prejudice/Letters to Alice, Citizen Kane and W.H. Auden Poetry. If you are studying similar texts, I can help construct your essays ( paragraph by paragraph, point by point) instead of superficially marking which is in my opinion only changing expression and vocabulary (WHICH I WILL DO FOR FREE IN MY OWN TIME). I will also provide research/relevant materials and also PRACTICE QUESTIONS (which are especially important for the UNSEEN TEXT). If however, you are studying different texts, I am willing to help you construct your essays in a LOGICAL fasion and provide constant marking and critique to perfect your essay responses (using my knowledge of what HSC MARKERS want for each MODULE).

- Economics

For economics, I will be preparing my own set of notes with the help of George LIN (who came 2nd in NSW for ECONOMICS 2016) which I will use to help teach and explain economics concepts. I will be teaching you everything I know about economics which includes beyond the syllabus information that will HELP YOU STAND OUT from others. I will be showing you how to answer Short Answer questions and also guide you in writing and marking Economic Essays.

- Physics

I have my own set of Physics notes which I will use to supplement a Textbook teach you the basic Physic concepts. Then I will also teach you how to maximise your Physic Examinations Marks in the Short Answers and Long Responses in the most simplistic/effortless way.

- Mathematics

I will use a preferred textbook to teach the basic concepts before providing additional material such as PAST HSC/TRIAL questions to teach you how to tackle the HARDER Questions. I will also teach additional tricks and tips that I know.

Contact details:
Text message me at 0432683060 or Send me an EMAIL at spencer.hu99@gmail.com

Location: I live in Strathfield and I am willing to travel to homes/public libraries near Strathfield/Burwood/Parramatta/Epping.

Note: I am quite flexible in terms of private tutoring and will provide assistance within reason OUTSIDE of the tutoring session (includes advice on general STUDY tips which helped get a 99.95)

Alternatively, I'm selling HSC resources for the following:

- Advanced English essays (Discovery, Mod A, Mod B, Mod C) for $15 EACH
- Advanced English creative (Discovery) for $15
- Advanced English HSC Paper (I bought my exam back from BOSTES and it includes ALL my answers/essays for the 2016 HSC English Paper 1 and Paper 2) for $50
- Physics notes (Space, Motors and Generators, Ideas to Implementation, Quanta to Quarks) for $10 EACH MODULE. These notes helped me score a 97 external mark in the HSC which is equivalent to a STATE RANK.
- Economics HSC Paper (I bought my exam back from BOSTES and it includes my answers for the 2016 HSC Economics Paper) for $25

Please send me a text at 0432683060 or an email to spencer.hu99@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing my resources :).

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC1184461E, Expiry Date: 03/12/2021)
  • Police Check



James Ruse Agricultural High School

2015 - 2016


HSC Economics Private Tutor

HSC Advanced English Private Tutor

HSC 3u/4u Mathematics Private Tutor

HSC Physics Private Tutor

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  • One to One
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  • Strathfield, NSW 2135
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Jackson Tong (14 Apr 2017)
DRASTICALLY improved my Module A from 14/20 -> 19/20. Ended up as Internal rank 8th from nearly triple digits. Honestly is one of the most down to earth teachers and can really translate his own knowledge towards helping his students. Honestly wish I had Spencer as my tutor since the beginning of Preliminary Examinations and recommend him for all students.
Sponker Lee (14 Apr 2017)
perfect tutor <3 could not have found anyone better <3 <3 <3