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Tutoring for Year 7 to Year 11 MATHS. Focusing on building a strong basis
to further Mathematical studies. A strong foundation is required in the Mathematical
field and I am willing to give my 100% to make sure that you improve 100%.

Not only will I be there to help to build upon your Maths knowledge, I will also give
you advice on ways to improve your approach on studying. Especially when it
comes to studying for tests; we all know how the stress can get the better of us. I
can help you overcome that fear of "failing" and better your chances of getting the
mark that you have always wanted!

It should also be noted that I am a recent graduate from the current secondary
schooling system of the ACT with a background of both public and private school
systems. I have a strong understanding of the current education structure and will
ensure that the way I tutor will be directly reflected upon your results.


Need help with ENGLISH? Worried about your essay or report not being
good enough? Drop by for a one off session and I'll help with restructuring and
proofreading. If you are seeking something long term such as a week to week basis
for guidance throughout the process of writing essays and improving your
English speaking and writing skills, then you have come to the right place.


The introductory lesson will be something that your child will go through upon our
very first meeting. I will sit down with your child and we will dig up all of the areas
that need working on and we will find out the best way in which they can learn.
Children no longer need to worry about the pressure that schoolteachers put on
them when they get answers wrong. There's no punishment here when they hit a
wall because we get up and hit it ten times harder to knock it down.

It does not matter what level your child is at. Whether they are behind or are just
looking to stay ahead of class, I will find the right way to help your child! All
students will find lessons to be tailored to cater their exact needs.

- Expect in depth explanations and discussions. If you still aren't clear, don't be
afraid to ask.
- A study plan that will follow side by side with your class outline.
- Preparation for exams.
- Expect homework and/or notes that you will take away from every lesson.
- Don't be afraid that I will be "another" tutor. I am here to help you excel and by
doing so, I hope to build a good trust between tutor and student to make the
environment more engaging.

Please be aware that if you are seeking Maths tuition, this will only be available for
long term as no foundation can built overnight.

Visit my website as linked below or email me to book your introductory lesson and
we will take it from there.

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Software Engineering

Australian National University

2013 - 2014

(In Progress)



Email me with the code 7172 at the end of your message and receive 50% off the 1st lesson.

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