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Hi! I'm offering tutoring in the above subjects which can be held at either Riverton library (e.g. after school), at UWA or in Canning Vale/Harrisdale/Piara Waters.

If you are interested in a trial lesson feel free to give me a call at 0421202205 send an email any time.

I graduated from Rossmoyne SHS in 2016 and I am currently in my first year of uni doing a Bachelor of philosophy hons. degree (research) with a medical sciences major and have assured entry into the doctor of medicine (MD).

I think a comprehensive knowledge of the syllabus which comes from having experienced the new atar courses first hand, and having lots of excellent resources that i found useful during year 12 will allow me to provide the help it takes to push your marks and ATAR up. Ive personally found that having a tutor in year 12 helps significantly when learning new concepts because the topics can be paced quite fast at school, and also reduces stress for tests and exams by being able to clear doubts and get advice when required. (can message me questions any time).

The subjects i'm tutoring are chemistry, physics, maths methods and maths specialist as these are where i have the most experience teaching and where i've achieved best. (with a final mark for chem 93.1, phys 90.8, and school mark for Methods 96.4 and Specialist 94.3).

I have experience with tutoring students between yr 7-12 and can provide the reference of a current student if required.

> I am running revision sessions around the exam period where we go through a full unseen practice exam (sem 2 WACE mocks).

> I also did well in UMAT and English and can provide assistance/resources when required alongside the above 4 subjects but prefer not tutor them independently








Recently started a new tutoring group with friends,


"Rebus is the Latin word for success and success is of course, a universal goal. Rebus Education is private tutoring group of 8 highly intelligent, sociable and experienced lads who wish to impart their fresh high school curriculum knowledge upon eager students looking for that extra bit of assistance. Our tutors are 2016 graduates and have all achieved excellent results, with every tutor gaining an ATAR of above 99. To boost our credibility, the mode ATAR within this group is a stunning 99.95!!. We specialise in tutoring Methods, Specialist, Chemistry, Physics, German, Accounting, English and Economics as well as lower school everything :D"

Having this group allows us to have a wide range of resources that we used ourselves which can help to better prepare students for tests and exams. Its also beneficial as even if one tutor is not available at a particular time /day there is always someone else who can substitute that is just as competent.

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Bachelor of Philosophy (Medical Sciences)


2017 - 2021

(In Progress)


Price negotiable depending on number of hours

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year 11 and 12 chemistry ATAR tutoring

Year 11 and 12 maths methods ATAR tutoring

Year 11 and 12 maths specialist ATAR tutoring

tutoring for year 11 ATAR physics

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