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Listing Date Job ID Subject Location Suburb Job Details Apply
2017/04/2727 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Italian(Language) Sydney Dural, NSW 2158 Im looking for a tutor for my 16 years old son, he is learning Italian through OTEN course, I would like to know if you can help my son in his lessons please thank you best regards Mrs Mendoza Apply Now
2017/04/2727 April 2017 Tutoring Job
English(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Castle Hill, NSW 2154 Hi I have twin boys they are in year 9. I need an English tutor for them. do you have any vacancy. Thanks Navreet Apply Now
2017/04/2727 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Spanish(Language) Sydney Picnic Point, NSW 2213 Hi my names Jordan and I am interested in learning Spanish and was wondering about your availabilities and how this all works ? Apply Now
2017/04/2626 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Psychology(Tertiary) Sydney Turramurra, NSW 2074 Hi my daughter is a first year OT student at ACU. She is studying psychology for semester 1 and needs support for understanding psych concepts, writing essay and studying for the exam. What is your availability and are you able to tutor erin at our home? Looking forward to your response. Thank you - robin Apply Now
2017/04/2626 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Engineering(Tertiary) Sydney Wollongong, NSW 2500 Hi I'm currently studying Mining engineering at uow i'm doing Mine 211 which is surface mining and i have a an assignment on the dragline staff i don't if you could help me or not or if you know anyone does. Thanks in advance Mohammed Apply Now
2017/04/2626 April 2017 Tutoring Job
English(Primary & Secondary) Sydney North Strathfield, NSW 2137 Looking for English Tutor for Year 7 & year 5 school levels. Either 1 hr/yr 7 or 2 x 1/hrs (year 7 & yr5) Regards, Apply Now
2017/04/2626 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Hindi(Language) Sydney Campbelltown, NSW 2560 Hi, I'm interested in learning Hindi. Is it possible to get some lessons. Thanks for your time. Danny. Apply Now
2017/04/2626 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Society and Culture(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Narrabeen, NSW 2101 Hi, I have been looking for a PIP/Society tutor on the northern beaches for a while because as i am really struggling with it - my PIP topic is on Islamophobia. I live on the northern beaches and i go to Brigidine college. Apply Now
2017/04/2626 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Statistics(Tertiary) Sydney Campbelltown, NSW 2560 I am having difficulty understanding stats can you assist me please Apply Now
2017/04/2626 April 2017 Tutoring Job
German(Language) Sydney Menai, NSW 2234 Hi, my 15 year old son, James and his friend, Joseph are in year 9 at Trinity Grammar School. They are both concerned that they have fallen behind in elective German. They are particularly interested in getting help with grammar. They have asked me to find a tutor who might be happy to see them together once a week. Would this interest you? Best wishes, Elizabeth Apply Now
2017/04/2525 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Spanish(Language) Sydney Tamworth, NSW 2340 For a 13 year old to learn Spanish Apply Now
2017/04/2525 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Physics(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Leichhardt, NSW 2040 Hi, my daughter, Lucy, is currently in Year 11. She has always achieved great results in all subjects, especially English, but feels she needs assistance with physics. Apply Now
2017/04/2323 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Marketing(Tertiary) Sydney Maroubra South, NSW 2035 Hi, Can you teach marketing combined with statistics and excel? Thanks Apply Now
2017/04/2121 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Mathematics(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Cherrybrook, NSW 2126 Hi I am looking for a 2 unit maths teacher for my son doing year 11. Thanks Vas Apply Now
2017/04/2020 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Mathematics and English(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Bossley Park, NSW 2176 Hi, I am looking for experienced Maths/English tutor (secondary/primary). If any tutor is interested, please contact me soon. Thank you Vanessa Apply Now
2017/04/1818 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Hindi(Language) Sydney Parramatta, NSW 2150 Hello, I am looking for a tutor to teach me Hindi reading writing and speaking. I am a 29 female and my partner is Punjabi. Thank you Rochelle Apply Now
2017/04/1818 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Statistics(Tertiary) Sydney Concord West, NSW 2138 Hi, My name is Christina and I'm in my third year of my undergraduate psychology degree at ACU in Strathfield and I am having trouble with my second year statistics unit. Areas of concern include, navigating SPSS and interpreting data. I was wondering if you would be able to help me with this? Kind regards, Christina. Apply Now
2017/04/1616 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Laws(Tertiary) Sydney Unsw Sydney, NSW 2052 Hi, May i check if you do tutor land law - university level ? Will it be alright for us to do sykpe call for easy and fast lesson? thanks. Apply Now
2017/04/1515 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Mandarin(Language) Sydney Newtown, NSW 2042 Want to learn Mandarin as quickly as possible - Beginner. If I feel that we are making progress you'll be well paid. Call me if you are interested. Apply Now
2017/04/1111 April 2017 Tutoring Job
English(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Cabramatta, NSW 2166 Hi ! My name is Yee . Please give me a call if you are able to receive more student . I need to learn English . I would make a long term tutor for my English to become my first language. Then might back to some kind of college for my career soon . Apply Now
2017/04/1010 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Accounting(Tertiary) Sydney Pymble, NSW 2073 Hi. My daughter is in first year at UTS studying Bach Business. I would like someone to help her consolidate what she has so far learnt in accounting so she has a really solid grounding. Thanks. Leonie Apply Now
2017/04/099 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Spanish(Language) Sydney Parramatta, NSW 2150 Hey, i have been practicing Spanish off and on for about 3 months but i think a tutor will significantly help with improving my ability to speak fluently. I'd love to have a lesson once a week! Kind regards, Matt Apply Now
2017/04/099 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Statistics(Tertiary) Sydney Ryde, NSW 2112 Hello could I get a quote for stats tutoring meaning homework help and exam prep? Apply Now
2017/04/088 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Nursing(Tertiary) Sydney Guildford, NSW 2161 I am a nursing student and need to write 1500 words for Research Principles Quantitative paper and need to answer the questions from the journal paper. Apply Now
2017/04/055 April 2017 Tutoring Job
English-IELTS(Language) Sydney Sydney, NSW 2000 Hi, I am sitting for IELTS this Saturday and I have only got one week to prepare. If possible, I would like to have a class tomorrow or on Friday. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you! Cheers, Kaitlyn Apply Now
2017/04/055 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Spanish(Language) Sydney Hornsby, NSW 2077 Hi, I am looking for Spanish tutor in Hornsby area post code 2077 Apply Now
2017/04/044 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Violin(Music) Sydney South Wentworthville, NSW 2145 Hi Just enquiring on prices for learning to play the violin! 30mins -1 hr prices. Very interested in learning and location is great! Please get back to me. Thankyou. Apply Now
2017/04/044 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Mathematics(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Croydon Park, NSW 2133 my daughter needs assistance with 2 unit maths. she is in yr 11@bethlehem college ashfield. Apply Now
2017/04/033 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Mathematics and Chemistry(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Canterbury, NSW 2193 Hi My daughter Is in year 11 and I am looking for tutoring for her in extension maths and chemistry. What are your availabilities and rates? Are you flexible with days and times as she also works casually. Please email me at your earliest convenience. Thanks Debbi Apply Now
2017/04/022 April 2017 Tutoring Job
English-IELTS(Language) Sydney Homebush Bay, NSW 2127 Hi, I've booked my ielts exam for the 29th of April and I need help. However I'm only available after 3pm on Saturdays and on Sundays. Are these times suitable for you and are you interested in giving me tutorials? Regards Killian Apply Now
2017/04/022 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Legal Studies(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Georges Hall, NSW 2198 May I please enroll to your tutoring for Preliminary Legal Studies. Apply Now
2017/04/011 April 2017 Tutoring Job
Fashion(Tertiary) Sydney Sydney, NSW 2000 Hey, My name is Georgia and I'm currently studying a double advanced diploma in fashion business and design at FBI Fashion college. I'm very business minded and struggling with the design concept of the course. Im having troubles with illustration and learning the techniques.I've only just started but unfortunately I don't have an artistic bone in my body which is where I was hoping you might be able to help me as I don't want to fall behind in my class. Please let me know if you can help me out at all. Thanks, Georgia. Apply Now
2017/03/3131 March 2017 Tutoring Job
Piano(Music) Sydney Northmead, NSW 2152 Hi, My name is Louise. I am interested in having individual piano lessons. I was wondering about your availability on a Saturday. I'm a beginner but I did a little bit of piano a few years ago. Regards Louise. Apply Now
2017/03/3030 March 2017 Tutoring Job
Mathematics(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Burwood, NSW 2134 Hi, Do u have time tomorrow between 6:00pm and 7:00pm for tutoring my daughter year 11 3 unit maths. Thanks. Please call me. Regards Ellen Apply Now
2017/03/3030 March 2017 Tutoring Job
Chemistry(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Hammondville, NSW 2170 In need for a 1:1 chemistry and possibly maths tutor. Apply Now
2017/03/2929 March 2017 Tutoring Job
Mathematics(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Liverpool, NSW 2170 I need Year 7 Maths Teacher from 17/04/2017 on Wednesday home Visit Apply Now
2017/03/2929 March 2017 Tutoring Job
Spanish(Language) Sydney Sydney, NSW 2000 Hi, I am a student in grade 11 studying the International Baccaleaureate. I am studying Spanish Ab Initio and am struggling a little. I am generally quite good with languages, but am having trouble with the basics. I live in Sydney CBD, would you be able to do lessons at my place? And what are your available times? Apply Now