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Academic Tutoring Jobs List – Parents and Students who are looking for a academic tutor

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Listing Date Job ID Subject Location Suburb Job Details Apply
2022/01/2323 January 2022 Tutoring Job
Mathematics(Primary & Secondary) Adelaide North Adelaide, SA 5006 To whom it may concern, My name is Eliza and I am a year 11 student. I am looking for a tutor to assist me with general mathematics. Kind regards, Eliza Apply Now
2022/01/1818 January 2022 Tutoring Job
Design and Technology(Primary & Secondary) Brisbane Strathpine, QLD 4500 Tutor teach inventor (3d design) Apply Now
2022/01/1515 January 2022 Tutoring Job
Mathematics and English(Primary & Secondary) Sydney Beecroft, NSW 2119 I would like to get my son Year 10 grade to enrol in Maths, English Also I would like to get my daughter to Year 10 grade to enrol in Maths, English torturing Kind Regards Apply Now
2022/01/033 January 2022 Tutoring Job
Chemistry(Primary & Secondary) Adelaide Adelaide, SA 5000 Weekly sessions Start ASAP Apply Now
2022/01/011 January 2022 Tutoring Job
English(Primary & Secondary) Melbourne Doncaster East, VIC 3109 Math, English, General ability, scholarship. I am looking for tutor for my daughter. She is in year 6 next year. I would like to prepare her for the edutest, ACER etc test so she can try to see whether she can get into alpha or seal class in high school. If possible I would like her to try scholarship test too, Apply Now