improve IELTS writing score

Is your IELTS writing score letting you down? Learn these tips and find out how you can improve IELTS writing score from 6 to 7!

1) What are some common reasons of getting a low IELTS writing band score, and how to avoid them?

Common IELTS writing Problem 1 – The student/candidate lack an understanding of what the examiner is looking for in the writing. So they just write freely and without any gasp of formal, academic writing.

Solution – Understand exactly what the examiner wants for your band level. We will discuss this further in the upcoming articles.

Common IELTS writing Problem 2 – Another Problem is lack of grammatical accuracy. Often a candidate’s response is riddled with grammatical errors.

Solution – Find out what sort of mistakes you are making and then learn the rules. Also, do lots of practice, exercises to reduce these errors.

2) How difficult for candidates to improve their IELTS writing score from band 6 to 7?

This comes down to 3 major factors,

  1. The first is whether the candidate has sufficient vocabulary to write at a high level across a range of topics.
  2. Secondly, do they have the grammatical accuracy?
  3. Does the candidate have the grammatical range to reach a 7?

They need to be able to use 5-6 different types of complex sentences.

It is possible to achieve a one-band score improvement if the candidate targets these 3 areas.

3) What should I do if I am unfamiliar with the topic they have to write about?

Preparation is the key here. The same themes come up again and again in IELTS. The candidates need to familiarize themselves with the themes and vocabulary.

Some examples include:

Food and Health

Always brainstorm before you write and use what you know as well as your own experience. However, do not use personals like “I” or “We”.

4) I find it very difficult to write 250 words in 40 min, any tips?

This is due to a lack of time management and a lack of practice under pressure. The candidate should have a structure or plan to work to

For example:

5 Minutes – Brainstorming

4 Minutes – Introduction

14 Minutes – Body paragraph 1

14 Minutes – Body paragraph 2

3 Minutes – conclusion

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