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Top 30 Things to Do in School Holidays

Top 30 Things to Do in School Holidays
Written by Ashlee Negrone

The break over Christmas is a long one for school students. Especially those just transitioning over to the HSC – you could be starting to feel those pressures add on; or it could feel like the break is over way too quickly. It’s important to try and keep a balance in the holidays, specifically for you HSC students. Remember to relax, but there is an opportunity to really be prepared and even get ahead for the upcoming year. Here are 20 things to do to relax, and 10 things to get yourself ready for when the break ends/ school holidays.

RELAX! – Things to Do List

  1. Pick up a musical instrument.
  2. Find a job.
  3. Marathon some TV shows.
  4. Go on a hike or walk.
  5. Pick up a sport.
  6. Sign up for a cooking class.
  7. Go camping.
  8. Finally get a chance to read those books.
  9. Pick up meditation and mindfulness.
  10. Clean out your wardrobe or room.
  11. Go exploring in the city, or in towns near you.
  12. Get together with friends.
  13. Go to the movies.
  14. Volunteer to give back to the community.
  15. Go shopping.
  16. Learn to sew or crochet.
  17. Make a photo album.
  18. Decorate your room.
  19. Learn origami.
  20. Bake some yummy treats.

PREP! – Things to Do List

I’ve included these 10 things because I really do think there are some simple ways you can really help yourself for the year ahead. These can be done a week before school starts! It’s just all about getting you ready for what’s coming and making the transition back to learning a little bit easier. By the way, I’ve written these in order of what could be easiest to start with – the last few are not all that necessary but may be useful if you’re keen!

  1. Prepare all your notebooks and stationary.
  2. Make a motivation board, and get inspired. (see
  3. Print out the syllabuses you need.
  4. Sort out a study schedule for the term.
  5. Read all prescribed texts.
  6. Find some potential related texts, if possible. (Area of study!)
  7. Read some articles on the HSC or on studying.
  8. Read ahead in textbooks.
  9. Get a head-start on writing some notes.
  10. Attend some free HSC lectures or watch some webinars.


Good luck and enjoy your school holidays!

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Author: Ashlee Negrone

Ash studies Pre-Medicine at the University of Technology Sydney. She gradutated in 2016 with an ATAR of 95.3 with the subjects Biology, Adv English, PDHPE, English Ext 1, Design and Technology and Studies of Religion 2U.
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