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Are you looking for sources of information and NAPLAN past papers that you can use on to help your child get ready for the test.

The NAPLAN is a test that measures students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities over an extended amount of time. Instead, It examines students’ general understanding and advancement in literacy and numeracy rather than focusing on a specific subject. Studying NAPLAN past papers is one of the ways that you can ensure your child’s preparation for the NAPLAN.

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All of the NAPLAN tests published below have previously been released under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) (FOI Act).



How to prepare NAPLAN test?

Mark students practice pieces using the NAPLAN Study Guides which give them specific feedback that will allow them to achieve one band higher. Study Guide usually contains sample tests, detailed answers with explanations.

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NAPLAN Past Papers

NAPLAN Practice Test and Papers Answers

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Student’s experience with the NAPLAN test:

There are a lot of mixed feelings toward the Naplan testing, commonly is that Naplan testing put a high amount of pressure and stress on students. As a student who recently completed all my Naplan testing I think the most useful tip when preparing for your test is to rise to the challenge and think about it as more of a learning experience, rather than a feared pressure test and not to take it too seriously! My name is Shayna, I went to Palm Beach Currumbin High School and completed my Naplan in 2016 and these are my tips, tricks and helpful methods when getting ready for your Naplan test.

NAPLAN Writing Test Preparation and Practice Tests Tips:

Reading through past practice tests really helped me as you can get a feel for the types of questions they ask. I did a lot of short story writing, narrative and persuasive pieces and did story maps to get in the mind frame for my writing piece, I set myself timers and tried to write completely different stories each time. I worked under timers and tried to think as far out of the box as possible, my English teacher would always tell us that there is no such thing as a bad story. I tried to read as much as possible as well, this helped me to be more imaginative and creative when writing and assisted greatly in my grammar, punctuation and spelling.

NAPLAN Mathematics/Numeracy Test Preparation and Practice Tests Tips:

I struggle with Mathematics and found myself always making excuses as to why I wouldn’t have to do the practice tests at home. I found a website called MATHLETICS and found that it was a fun and visual way to improve my maths skills. Reading the practice test for the numeracy part of Naplan, I found the ‘wordy’ questions the hardest so I focused on those and by doing a few each day, it became easier to focus my attention of what the question was asking, I would then re-write it in my own words.

Overall NAPLAN recipe for success!

The more I practiced for my Naplan testing and experienced success, the more confident I felt. It really helped on the day as I went into the test more relaxed and with a clear head space.

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