Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ to learn more about Tutors Field.

How does FREE membership work?

In celebrating the birth of, we are offering all tutors to register and add listings with us totally FREE of charge. There is no hidden costs at all, and registered tutors are allowed to use the full functions of our website.
Should you have any questions about the free membership, please contact us on

Why should I choose to use

We are a new emerging classifieds website providing tutor listing service in four big categories: Primary & Secondary, Tertiary, Language and Music. Our key features include:

(a) Result measurement - Our Search Rate and Click Rate functions allow you to keep tracking the number of times your listing has been searched and looked into by students.

(b) Multiple subjects listing - If you are a all-rounder and believe you have a wide range of skills to tutor, you can select as many subjects as you feel like across our four big categories. You can also set different lesson fees for each subject.

(c) Knowing you better - If written description is not good enough to present your qualifications and skills, you are also allowed to include your own YouTube video and website link into the listing.

(d) Exclusive member benefits - We work hard to improve our service quality and to bring great benefits to our members. All our registered tutors are now receiving exclusive discount offer from our supporting corporate partner National Crime Check. If you want to obtain a police check to enhance the credibility of your professional profile, please email your detail to for further information.

Why my listing does not show up after I clicked the "create free ad now" button?

For the purpose of maintaining high quality of tutor listing services, your listing will be reviewed by our team before going live. Your listing must not contain false, misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive claims or content. We will request you to amend your listing content that we deem inappropriate.

In order to facilitate our review process, please make sure your listing include:
(a) your personal information including name, gender and suburb;
(b) your qualifications;
(c) subject(s) to be taught;
(d) lesson fee per hour.

What can I do with my listing to attract more students?

(a) Be professional in appearance
First impression is always important. Please choose an appropriate and professional photo. You can also re-size the photo into square size to make it looks nice in the profile page.

(b) Show informative details
Provide information about yourself as detailed as possible. By doing this, you can include a thorough description of your tutoring experiences; your areas of strength that might help students; and your academic and profession qualification as well.

(c) Select tutoring subjects carefully
More is not always better - select subjects that you feel confident and are qualified to tutor. You may want to choose subjects that is related to your qualifications and experience. Please make sure the lesson fees are reasonable and are based on your experience.

How can I be contacted by students?

You will receive students' message via email. The email content will include students' email address and detail. You can then contact students directly. Please check your email inbox regularly. Please also check your email junk folder to make sure no email has been redirected there.

How many subjects can I select?

You may select as many subjects as you feel you are qualified to tutor. Parents and students will be able to see your information including your education, qualifications and subjects you have chosen.

Who should I contact for the matters in relations to my account?

You can contact our team on for any matters in relations to your account, such as forget password and create profile page. Our team member will respond your queries as soon as possible.

In order to provide the best service to you, we always appreciate and welcome your valuable feedback and comments.