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Medical science, neuroscience major , USYD
Final year medical science student at more
This tutor can teach GAMSAT and 4 other subjects

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Electrical and Computer Engineering, AUTH
My name is Dr Dimitri Lazos and I'm offering professional private tutoring services. You wouldn't hire the services of a casual electrician or a casual doctor, so why settle for a casual tutor for more
This tutor can teach GAMSAT and 8 other subjects

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Bachelor of Biomedicine, University of Melbourne
I am a first year student at Macquarie University, studying Medicine. I graduated from University of Melbourne with a Master of Public Health and Bachelor of Biomedicine (Hons). I have been tutoring more
This tutor can teach GAMSAT and 9 other subjects

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Advanced Mathematics, UNSW
Hi guys, We are offering GAMSAT and Medical Interviews tutoring in a small group setting. Learn from tutors who have scored 70+ in the GAMSAT, been a part of the interview panel, and each have a more
This tutor can teach GAMSAT and 1 other subjects

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Bachelor of Science and Arts , University of Sydney
My name is Lizzie, and I am a GAMSAT Section 1 and 2 tutor. In the March 2021 GAMSAT I scored in the 97th percentile for section 1 and 99th percentile for section 2. I have taught over 50 students more
This tutor can teach GAMSAT and 1 other subjects

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Atlas College

Highest rated K-12 Tutoring in Double Bay. Atlas is a boutique tutoring college with a max capacity of 6 students/hour. Private In-Person Tutoring for Years 1-12, Exam Preparation (HSC, NAPLAN, more
This tutor can teach GAMSAT and 12 other subjects

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Chul Joon

Pharmacy, University of Queensland
Experienced GAMSAT tutor 7+ years since 2013. I am selling my fast track GAMSAT preparation course for $120 - includes questions from previous GAMSATs which I have collated over the past 7 years with more
This tutor can teach GAMSAT and 1 other subjects

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Bachelor of biomedicine , university of melbourne
Hi! I'm Paul and I am a second year medical student at the University of Sydney. I achieved an ATAR of 99.55 in 2015 and focus on teaching maths, science and english. I am passionate about providing more
This tutor can teach GAMSAT and 6 other subjects

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