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Private tutoring is so popular these days. Parents are queuing up for the services of tutors, spending between $25 to $60 per tutoring session.
- Being a private tutor would allow you to set your own rate, but it usually depends on your tutoring experience or your ATAR/ exam knowledge.
- Private Tutors have incredibly flexible job positions as they can often set their own hours.
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Jobs and tutor requests from students for our premium tutors.
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2022/05/2020 May 2022 Tutoring Job
Psychology(Tertiary) Blacktown, NSW 2148 Hi, I need an urgent tutor for my family member who can travel to her house. I am willing to pay travel expenses and I can also book the tutor for 10 hours fortnightly. plz reply as soon as possible Bachelor's in Psychological Sciences Blacktown, NSW 2148, Parramatta, Hills District Apply Now
2022/05/1616 May 2022 Tutoring Job
Mathematics(Primary & Secondary) West Ryde, NSW 2114 Hi, Looking for a one on one tutor to teach maths for Year 5 student. Regards Anand Apply Now
2022/05/1616 May 2022 Tutoring Job
Violin(Music) Glenfield, NSW 2167 Looking for an AMEB qualified violin teacher nearby to the Glenfield area - 2167 (Western Sydney), to tutor a 14yr old female student through the grades - currently at grade 6. The student is a boarder at Hurlstone Agricultural High School. A teacher who can travel and offer lessons on-site at the school is ideal as after-school travel for a boarding student is difficult. The student is dedicated, passionate with loads of potential. In all of her previous exams she has scored very high marks. The student also has a keen interest in piano, and we are considering lessons for this too down the track, if this is also part of your teaching repertoire - but not essential. Please let me know whether you might be interested and available. We are keen to start asap. Apply Now
2022/05/1515 May 2022 Tutoring Job
Physics(Tertiary) Clayton, VIC 3168 Quantum mechanics, Classical Dynamics and Field Theory. I am interested in acquiring a tutor as I approach exams for the mentioned subjects. I am prepared to pay up to $60 for a qualified graduate with a high level of understanding of these subjects. Apply Now
2022/05/1414 May 2022 Tutoring Job
Biomedical Science(Tertiary) Broadmeadows, VIC 3047 Am kindly requesting to have tutor as soon as possible in the following areas: 1.Foundation of Biomedicine. 2. Human Structure and Anatomy Apply Now
2022/05/1010 May 2022 Tutoring Job
Pharmacy(Tertiary) Brisbane, QLD 4000 please anyone available as soon as possible for pharmacology? I need for assignments Apply Now
2022/05/066 May 2022 Tutoring Job
Information Systems(Tertiary) North Ryde, NSW 2113 I need tutor can help my son in IPT subject for his hsc this year. Thanks Apply Now
2022/05/033 May 2022 Tutoring Job
Mathematics and English(Primary & Secondary) Champion Lakes, WA 6111 Looking for private tutoring one on one near Champion Lakes, WA. Year 7 Maths and English . Willing to pay $35 per hour. Apply Now
2022/05/022 May 2022 Tutoring Job
Mathematics(Primary & Secondary) Strathalbyn, SA 5255 My 19yo daughter requires help with Differential Equations 2nd year. She is studying Astro-Physics at Adelaide University. Apply Now
2022/05/011 May 2022 Tutoring Job
Accounting(Tertiary) Hurstville, NSW 2220 Just to help with accounting. I just started an online course. It’s introduction to Accounting. Apply Now
2022/04/2828 April 2022 Tutoring Job
Mathematics(Primary & Secondary) Doreen, VIC 3754 Looking for a tutor to come to the home for my daughter who is struggling with year 8 maths. She would relate more to a female tutor and as she is struggling with the topic would benefit from someone who has experience not just out of high school. Apply Now
2022/04/2727 April 2022 Tutoring Job
Italian(Language) Essendon, VIC 3040 My friend and I are seeking Italian courses near us. Apply Now
2022/04/2626 April 2022 Tutoring Job
English & Biology(Primary & Secondary) Riverhills, QLD 4074 Hi I have a son in yr 11 who is need a tutor for both English (General) and Biology Apply Now