Music Teacher Jobs

Music Teacher Jobs List – Parents and Students who are looking for a music teacher

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Listing Date Job ID Subject Location Suburb Job Details Apply
2018/02/2222 February 2018 Tutoring Job
Violin(Music) Sydney Epping, NSW 2121 My grand kids looking for a violin teacher in our area , they both learn violin for 2 years. keen learner. Apply Now
2018/02/2020 February 2018 Tutoring Job
Trombone(Music) Sydney Marrickville, NSW 2204 Hi My 9yr old son just joined the school band and he needs a trombone teacher . Are you interested in teaching him ? Thanks Kane Apply Now
2018/02/2020 February 2018 Tutoring Job
Cello(Music) Melbourne Gordon, VIC 3345 Hi, Good day. I was wondering if you could play Cello on my wedding day on the 28th of February 11:30am (Wednesday) at THE CONVENT DAYLESFORD, VICTORIA. I am really desperate. I have contacted a lot of musician like you who can play cello and most of them are really busy. Please if you could let me know as soon as possible that would be great. Thank you and i look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Jheannie & Alex Apply Now
2018/02/1919 February 2018 Tutoring Job
Music Theory(Music) Melbourne Bentleigh East, VIC 3165 My daughter who is doing VCE this year needs a tutor for music theory .. are you qualified to teach VCE music theory Apply Now
2018/02/077 February 2018 Tutoring Job
Music Theory(Music) Melbourne Balwyn North, VIC 3104 Hi, My name is Cynthia,I am a year 12 student in Balwyn high school, I want to learn Aural and Theory for my VCE with you. Kind Regards, Cynthia Apply Now
2018/02/077 February 2018 Tutoring Job
Clarinet(Music) Melbourne Mulgrave, VIC 3170 Hi , just wondering if you are still teaching clarinet ? Thanks Teena Apply Now
2018/01/2929 January 2018 Tutoring Job
Singing(Music) Sydney Bilgola, NSW 2107 Hi, I would like to enquire about singing lessons for my 7 & 8 year old daughter and son. Would it be possible to have a chat with you to discuss further please. Kind Regards Gillian Apply Now
2018/01/2929 January 2018 Tutoring Job
Didgeridoo(Music) Sydney Cardiff, NSW 2285 I am a novice with who has had limited experience with the instrument. I would like instruction to help me improve with the instrument. Apply Now
2018/01/2525 January 2018 Tutoring Job
Clarinet(Music) Sydney Oatley, NSW 2223 I'm looking for a clarinet tutor for my 8years daughter. She is pretty new to clarinet. Better close to St George area Apply Now
2018/01/2323 January 2018 Tutoring Job
Piano(Music) Perth Aveley, WA 6069 Hello there, My name is Alek and I love to know Piano. I learnt Piano in high school but I am not good at all. I would like you to teach me. Apply Now