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Dr Sani 40/hr Chat Now

Dr Sani

13 reviews

45 student chats

6 booked lessons

Doctor of Medicine, -
An experienced tutor with extensive knowledge in Biological more
This tutor can teach Nursing and 6 other subjects

Ben 100/hr Chat Now


24 student chats

1 booked lessons

Heath Science (Chiropractic), CQU UNI
Hi, I'm Ben. I'm the Principal Tutor & Founder of {Taylors' Tutoring}. Taylors' Tutoring is a specialised Health Science tutoring service. We operate via face to face lessons, or over the internet ( more
This tutor can teach Nursing and 9 other subjects

Sunil 40/hr Chat Now


17 student chats

Bachelors in Science (Biology), Angeles University Foundation
• An experienced private tutor with a knack for teaching English, Science (especially Biology), Medical sciences and a variety of other subjects. • Help with assignments and more
This tutor can teach Nursing and 9 other subjects

Sarah 30/hr Chat Now


21 student chats

4 booked lessons

Nursing, University of Western Sydney
HI ALL, I am a registered nurse at a reputable city hospital and I love helping nursing students with their ESSAYS, ASSIGNMENTS, PROJECTS, COURSEWORK, EXAM PREPARATION OR ANY OTHER HELP RELATED TO more
This tutor can teach Nursing and 1 other subjects

Tutelaage - Digital Study 50/hr Chat Now

Tutelaage - Digital Study

12 reviews

98 student chats

46 booked lessons

Welcome to our digital ONLINE platform in AUSTRALIA. We conduct Face to Face LIVE Interactive classes from Primary to Postgraduate with a personalised LOCAL tutor. Selective/OC/NAPLAN/ICAS/HSC/VCE/ more
This tutor can teach Nursing and 12 other subjects

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