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Steven Chu Chinese Lesson 01- 的01

27 Apr 2018 3137 Views Steven

Steven Chu Chinese Lesson 01- 01

01 Concept

usually used in the between of an adjective and a noun.

Example:      美麗的          =Beautiful flower

                       Beautiful   flower


              adj.     noun


美麗is adjective; is noun. So we put in between them.


02 Why put before an adjective ?


We don’t have to use if the adjective is included in a combined noun (Adj. + Noun). 

Example:     = Left hand

               Left    hand


           adjective   noun


However, should be used in between an adj. and noun (eg. 美麗的花) if it is not a combined noun.



If a word has more than a part of speech, we should use if we want to fix the word as an adjective.


Using 美麗的花as an example again. 美麗can be a noun or an adjective, so we putafter it if we want use 美麗as an adjective.



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