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What are the issues of vaccination literacy ABOUT MMR) vaccination

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Assessment template

Question 1 (20 marks) (400 word equivalent)

Question 1A

After reading the background information, develop a researchable question from the background information that you have been given relating to immunisation. Type your question below:

What are the issues of vaccination literacy and best ways of psychological empowerment in parents about the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccination decision-making?


Question 1B: Listthreesources of informationthat would provide you with strong evidencethat would enable you to answer your research question.  For each of the three sources, give an example of the type of information that you would source:

*The example provided below is an example of a source of information and a type of information available from that source. It is not suggested that this example represents strong evidence.


Source of information

Type of information

RACGP- The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is the Australia's largest professional general practice organisation which also representsrural and urban general practitioners.


It provides several up-to-date research studies and articles about immunology including MMR with best approach to enhance parental literacy about vaccination and wasy to empower their decision-making. Example- A positive approach to parents with concerns about vaccination for the family physician. Available at- https://www.racgp.org.au/afp/2014/october/a-positive-approach-to-parents-with-concerns-about-vaccination-for-the-family-physician/

Health Talk Organization provides reliable, freeinformation about various global health issues with the real-life experiences of sharing people.

This source provides real life stories about diseases and immunisation. It gives good advice and data about topics of why parents do not agree to give MMR vaccination to their children and what are the various methods to empower their decision-making. It provides data about the concerns and feelings of parents against MMR vaccination.

PMC- US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

It provides wide range of latest research articles and studies about parent’s concerns regarding MMR vaccination and ways to empower them to be aware of the vaccination and its outcomes.


Question 1C: List fivesearch terms that would assist you to find suitable literature to answer your question.For each of the search terms, suggest an alternate word for which the  Boolean function  “or” could be used.


Search term for Boolean ‘or”

1MMR Vaccination literacy

MMR Immunisation literacy

2Psychological empowerment

Parental decision-making empowerment

3MMR vaccination decision

MMR vaccination empowerment

4Parental perspectives

Parental concerns

5MMR Australia

Vaccination Australia


Question 1D: If your search failed to find a satisfactory number of quality articles, what actions could you take?


I could consult my mentor and educators for support in searching best articles and linked sources for supporting my research question. It is good to take help from expert people in research field and also to take suggestions from peers about best ways to find the quality articles. I can also search the best databases rated globally for high quality, reliable, and valid data availability and accessibility. I could also serach out for peer-reviewed journals and databases to assess best articles because peer-reviewed articles are the best source of quality assessment and data availability.

Question 2 (40 marks) (800 word equivalent)

Complete the attached table with the relevant information from each of the four articles.

Table 1. Meta-analysis (+/- systematic review)


Full reference:







*Please delete the article that you are not using

Taylor, L.E., Swerdfeger, A.L. and Eslick, G.D., 2014. Vaccines are not associated with autism: an evidence-based meta