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Getting Organised

24 Mar 2020 35 Views Bernadine

Hello everyone,

Getting organised so that your study papers and notes are all in one file is VERY important. It helps calm you when you know where everything is, and can find things immediately. You will not have to look through your bags for pieces of homework, or loose those important handouts any longer.

So how do you get yourself organised?

Steps to getting yourself organised - for each subject:

1. Your will need the follow:

  •   1 x lever-arch folder - in a BRIGHT colour
  •  10-12 dividers (also bright colours - bright colours energise you)
  •  1 x black thin tip marker
  •  ALL your work, handout, homework, schedules etc.

2. Open the folder and place it to the side in front of you

3. Open the dividers, and place these  to the side in front of you

4. THE BIG JOB: sort out ALL your paperwork in piles in this order:

  •  Unit / Subject description (this usually has the lessons outcomes listed)
  •  Class Schedule
  •  Class notes
  •  Assignments (Keep a copy of ALL your assignments that you have handed in, along with a copy of the instructions and any copies the teacher returns to you)
  •  Bibliography (you need to add ALL the books with a description of them you have read/researched in the year - this will be SO HELPFUL to you come exam time!) 
  •  Research notes (See above - also REALLY helpful come exam time)
  •  Homework  (Keep a copy of ALL your homework that you have handed in, along with any copies the teacher returns to you)

Once these are all in the correct piles, you can now start using your hole punch and adding the paperwork into the correct sections. For each divider section you will have already written the title on the tab (as listed above). For the spine of the lever-arch file, type the tile and print it, cut it to size and slide the title into the plastic spine cover (or sick it on if none). 

OK now you are organised. Just remember, whenever you get a piece of paper or print anything off from your teacher, file it away immediately. You will then always be able to find it and won't waste your valuable time looking for it. 

Enjoy and I hope to see you in one of my classes soon!