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Approach to Tutoring

28 Mar 2020 70 Views Laura

Approach to tutoring

Important things to remember:

·       Be patient;

·       Be punctual;

·       Bring all necessary materials;

·       Active listening;

·       Respect privacy;

·       Be encouraging;

·       Make sure students do not become disheartened. Re-evaluate the task you are setting and make sure it’s manageable;

·       Make sure the student feels comfortable;

·       Maintain a positive attitude;

·       Be enthusiastic; and

·       Look for opportunities to encourage and affirm the student’s work.


Teaching strategies:

·       Find out what the student hopes to achieve and create a plan to get there;

·       Become familiar with the specific course, syllabus or examination the student is undertaking and ensure lessons are course specific where appropriate;

·       Set goals for each session;

·       Create a lesson plan outlining topic, practice exercises and other relevant details;

·       At the end of each lesson ask student how they feel about the content covered;

·       At the end of each lesson conduct a self-evaluation and make a few notes about how the lesson went, what topics were covered and any areas the student appeared to struggle with. Use these notes to inform lesson plans in the future; and

·       At the start of each lesson present the student with the prepared lesson plan and ask if there is anything additional, they would like to cover or any particular area they would like to focus on. Be prepared to adapt lesson plan and structure according to the students needs (i.e. if the student has an upcoming examination on a particular topic unfamiliar to them, this should be the focus of the lesson).