James Essendon, VIC 3040

  • Joint Biomedical/Medical student tutoring VCE & school Chemistry

About Me

Having coached and tutored friends and peers through VCE, elite sports and university. I strive to bring the best out of my students in both quality and performance. Personally I always strive to give my all in sports and academics shown by multiple 1st place national ski performances and 171st international rank, as well as currently undergoing a 7 year joint medical/biomedical course with La Trobe University.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching chemistry to primary, secondary, VCE and 1st year university students. I will try my hardest to cater to your learning needs and overall well-being by first asking what you need from me and what content you are learning, then specializing teachings to your struggles and weaknesses, and fine tuning your knowledge on the specifics.
However I don't just specialize in teaching VCE or university students, but I also enjoy working with children and teaching them math. Having thoroughly enjoyed working for 2 years as a ski instructor for children aged 3-12 I thrive in teaching a younger demographic.
I am available online weekdays and weekends from 7:00am-10:00 pm


Year 12 graduate and joint medical/biomedical student

Melbourne university & La Trobe university

2020 - 2027

(In Progress)

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