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About Me

Hello there! My name is Kriti Jain and I am offering my services as a tutor and academic mentor for your child. I am currently a second year university student studying a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University. Coaching, mentoring and educating children has always been a strong passion of mine, hence it is why I want to continue being a tutor for as long as possible. I graduated from high school in 2018 and from having navigated through the highs and lows of schooling in primary and secondary years, I have learnt important lessons (both academic and non-academic) from my journey that I wish someone would have told me when I was a young, bright-eyed kid venturing into the world of education for the first time. What I enjoy the most about tutoring children is being able to interact with them and help them develop confidence and passion for education. I love seeing children find joy in what they are learning, particularly when they experience that aha-moment, when they finally understand something.

I have accumulated various teaching experience and am fully aware of what it takes to keep children engaged whilst studying. Below are my following experiences:

1. Public Speaking, Debating, Creative Writing and Drama training coach for students, on behalf of Talent Club Australia (still active)
2. Private tutor for 2 years at tutoring centres and at clients' homes
3. Dance teaching experience for beginners (for 2 years)
4. Events Team member for Generation Entrepreneur, where high school kids are actively encouraged to think of start up ideas

In my sessions, I always have a lesson plan ready for students to progress with. This lesson plan is developed by consulting first hand with the students, regarding their strengths and their weaknesses. I always try to make my lessons tailor-made to the student, regarding their interests and their personalities. In this process, the student is learning in their chosen style and method, and is having fun in the process. With my clients, I try to engage them in discussion and get them to explain what they have just learnt, so that they are engaging in the process of active learning. I also try to adopt a hands-on approach where I teach them the skill of solving problems, and then get them to try out problems on their own. In that way, they are able to understand the importance of embracing independent learning. In my lessons, I always try to get the student to think for themselves, push past their comfort zones and adopt a growth oriented mindset in regards to their learning, as these are the skills that will take them far in their journey to continuous self improvement.


Bachelor of Commerce with a Bachelor of Arts

Macquarie University

2019 - 2022

(In Progress)

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC1938912E, Expiry Date: 03/06/2024)


I am able to provide tutoring for the HSC Dance Syllabus, as the course material in my arts degree perfectly reflects the syllabus from the HSC Dance syllabus. I have been achieving consistent Distinctions and High Distinctions in my course

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