About Me

I thoroughly enjoyed working as a private tutor, teaching English and Mathematics to primary and secondary school students. I enjoyed investing time and knowledge into their lives, while building a trusting and encouraging relationship. Academics aside, I was also a piano teacher at a music centre, where I had to privilege to work with children aged 5 to 17. It was a very rewarding and fun experience. I also spent a good part of my university and working years mentoring high school students on a personal level. Through a youth program, I was able to lead and mentor a bunch of high school students in their every day lives. I enjoyed spending time and investing in them, and I also kept in touch with their parents where necessary. My passion for the younger generation extends to my volunteering space, where I participated in Radio Lollipop, an organisation that aims to put a smile on a sick kid's face in the ward.


Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Economics)

Curtin University

2013 - 2015

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 2025059A-01)


Comfortable with Year 1 to Year 10 Mathematics.

Speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

Lesson Information

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  • One to One
  • In Group
  • Online
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