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I am a recent graduate of The Scots College, with excellent results both academically and in terms of my cocurriculars. I believe I can pass on the knowledge as well as study methods of my success to others, and help them improve.

I've tutored students both in music and in academics over the last three years, tutoring privately, and working for Cluey Learning, Alchemy Tuition, Big Improvements Tutoring, and Canberra Tutoring. Much of my other working experience involves teaching or mentoring of some kind, and has allowed me to be able to engage students and tailor content to them. Whether it is as a UN Youth Australia Facilitator, Webinar Presenter for Knovva Academy, or Mentor/Production Assistant for the School Musical.

HSC Achievements:

Maths Advanced: 98/100 in HSC (B6)
Maths Extension 1: 48/50 in HSC (E4), Rank 2 internally
Physics: 93/100 (B6), Rank 1 Internally
Chinese in Context: 95/100 (B6), Rank 1 Internally
English Advanced: 91/100 (B6)
Music 2: 91/100 (B6), Rank 4 Internally
HSC all rounder, distinguished achiever

Other Achievements:

ATCL Associate of Trinity College Diploma (Music Performance)
AMEB Grade 5 Musicianship
Diploma of Communications (ASCA)
Part of Multicultural Youth Ambassadors NSW
Facilitator at UN Youth Australia
2019 Y20 Taskforce Delegate, 2020 Y7 Summit Delegate, Webinar Presenter and Ambassador for Knovva Academy
Competitor for Lawrence Campbell Oratory Award
GPS Combined Representative Debating Squad (Undefeated against AHIGS/CIS/CHS)
Rostrum Voice of Youth Regional Finalist
Sydney Morning Herald Plain English Speaking Award




2020 - 2025

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