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If you need assistance with assignments and/or exams this is the right place for you. I am also able to provide any study and summary notes as needed. I can share some effective tips for making easy, productive and understandable note making for school subjects. Exam tips, relaxing techniques and learning routines to provide you with optimal performance in your school years is guaranteed.

I am a student aged 19, and have just completed the HSC last year (2013). I am currently doing a Bachelor degree in Medical Science at UTS. I am easy to approach and can create a friendly atmosphere for your effective learning. Classes are held at my house at Berala, only 5 mins away from the station or at any local libraries around the area under request. (Lidcombe, Auburn, Strathfield etc.) 

Subjects that I specialise are HSC Biology, HSC ADVANCED English ,HSC standard English, HSC Information Technology, HSC Food technology and HSC Community and Family studies for students doing year 11-12 at school. 

Tutoring for students from years 7-10 for Science and English are also provided. 

Tuition for primary school students will also be provided. Including Science, English and Maths. 

The classes are for 1 hour per week, a suitable day of the week (including weekends) can be arranged if informed as soon as possible. Class time may be extended according to student’s urgency to prepare for an exam or meet an assignment deadline. Class patterns are also quite flexible at this stage to suit your needs. The cost of classes is $15 per hour.  

Please feel free to contact me anytime. Thankyou


Medical Science


2014 - 2014

(In Progress)


HSC biology help (theory notes , and past paper revison)

I have gotten high grades in Advanced English in HSC and through out my schooling.
-I am also able to tutor primary school basic English, high school (7-12) with standard, ESL or advanced English.

I am currently doing a Medical science degree. I am very much interested and passionate towards learning and teaching science.

I have also completed Certificate 3 in Information Technology and Digital Media. I had also taken IT as a HSC subject (year12) and received medallions for academic excellence in IT.

In early high school (yr7-10) I had also done IST as an subject (Information Software Technology).

Therefore in both Science and Technology I am able to tutor and mentor students.

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