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  • Fostering confidence and a fervour for academia

About Me

I'm currently a year 10 student at The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, studying Literature, Mathematics, Science, VCE Biology, VCE Chinese, German, Latin, Drama and Health.

With a myriad of experience working with children and parents, I am able to tailor my tutoring and teaching methods to cater for the needs of your child. I strive to ensure that engagement with the material is a priority. With experience as an Under 13s Netball Coach and private tutoring sessions, I am able to adapt to new situations easily and have been able to personalise my resources to meet the interests of students.

With a personal love of academia enrichment and co-curricular pursuits, coupled with leadership experience as a debating executive and form captain, I am able to develop sustainable study methods and systems with students to maximise their potential.

I am willing to provide support for NAPLAN preparation, scholarship preparation (year 3 & 5 English & Maths) and general extension or support beyond the Australian Curriculum.

Awards & Recognitions:

- First Prize in the Insight Publications Writing Competition
- Semi-finalist in the OutLoud Eco!Slam Poetry Competition
- State Finalist in the United Nations Voice Public Speaking Competition


VCE Biology

The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School

2020 - 2021

(In Progress)


Extensive and interesting English sessions focused on reading comprehension, writing and more for primary school students.

Mathematics course that is tailored to your child's needs and what they are learning in school.

As a debater and public speaker, who has competed in state, local and national events, I am passionate about fostering confidence in students and helping them to reach their full potential.

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