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About Me

Dedicated Molecular biology PhD tutor who has been involved in the teaching of biology and chemistry classes to Uni and high school students. I can adapt my method to any curriculum and have a very broad knowledge of all aspect of biology. I can teach elementary, middle and advanced biology classes from cell topics to DNA and highly advanced genetics and biotechnology. I use simple, everyday tools to deliver the information and practice for the exams. I am passionate about all levels of biology, from the molecular to the general pathology, and I enjoy researching these topics. Students comment that I convey my excitement and wonder to them in the simplest way. Students arrive at our campus with varied levels of preparation, and I do my best to meet the needs of them all. The best way to ensure student success is to ignite their desire to learn and to provide appropriate support when needed. I search for new interactive methods and use whatever tools are at my disposal to reach my students.
I taught classes with over 30 students in different biomedical sciences and each student represented some interesting, unique challenge. I take the time to attend teaching conferences and online teaching webinars to share what I have learned with others. I employ interactive teaching methodology with my students where they build on their information and deduce the outcome using the scientific approach. I found this method is more engaging for the students and allow free environment to share ideas and develop concepts rather than memorising some raw data. I also try to relate the theoretical and practical information to real-life situations such as “this protein when denatured “myoglobin”, it loses its stability and forms a new molecule called hemichrome which cause the brown colour of the meat”. This gives the sense to the student with the relevance of his studies. From my experience I found that each student is an enclosed parcel of potential that all it needs is to ignite their motivation.


Biotechnology and Genetics


2020 - 2021

(In Progress)

Biomedical science


2016 - 2020

PhD of molecular biology


2014 - 2019

Diploma of Research methodology


2010 - 2011

Diploma of Marketing and Business

Australian Academy of business

2007 - 2009

BDS of dental surgery and medicine


1998 - 2003

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  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 1895150A-01, Expiry Date: 28-012025)
  • Police Check (Reference No.: 3120694, Expiry Date: 21/05/2021)


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