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# Melbourne COVID Lockdown English students missed out on maximising the full support of face-to-face classrooms. How to catch-up in 2021?
# Personalised, one-to-one tutoring solutions: English Years 10-12 students
# Learn writing improvement processes guaranteed to improve results **
# On-line or face-to-face tutoring sessions now available
# Skype or Zoom your way to improving your VCE Year 12 SAC grade average
# Meet for safe and secure individual tutoring in central Eastern Suburbs location
Boost confidence with an early bird start on your holiday homework and core text understanding
Relax. Ask all your study questions
Learn strategies personalised to address your needs
Apply step-by-step processes:
Better understand success requirements for each assessment
Detailed diagnosis of your writing stumbling blocks
Develop a critical self awareness checklist
Apply effective planning, drafting and editing techniques to achieve better marks
English teacher at one of Melbourne's highest achieving secondary colleges.
Incorporating ideas recommended during feedback workshops delivered by VCE examiners.
** Guaranteed improved VCE SAC and exam results based on maintenance of weekly tutoring services until scheduled end-of-year VCE exams and diligent implementation of learning strategies and writing practice by student


Literature / Communication

Murdoch University

2009 - 2012


English Year 10 English VCE Years 11 & 12 students

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