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  • Want to master Chinese or Japanese, now is the chance!

About Me

Hi there, if u are seeking for Japanese or Chinese tutor, feel free to contact me plz. I got teaching experience in beginner Japanese for HSC.

If u are Japanese or native English speaker, why not give it a try to learn the most popular Asian language (Mandarin and Cantonese). Courses are available in both Japanese and English.

If u are a high school student worrying about the second language courses, now is the best chance for u to get improve!!

Feel free to Call or leave a Message.
Tuition fee or course schedule is negotiable.


Japanese, Accounting

Curtin University

2014 - 2014

(In Progress)


Japanese beginner course for HSC students.
Mandarin or Cantonese courses are also available.

Lesson Information

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  • Cantonese , ESL , Japanese , Mandarin
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