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  • 5x Dux, 99+ ATAR, QLD high school graduate, now tutoring!

About Me

Hi! I’m Serine. I graduated high school in 2020 with distinguished marks in all of my subjects and a 99+ ATAR.

I tutor in the following areas:
- English, Literature - all grades up to Year 12
- Chemistry - all grades up to Year 12
- Maths, Maths Methods - all grades up to Year 11
- General Science subjects - all grades up to Year 10
- Close proofreading (e.g Science EEI’s, Math reports, History essays) - all grades, any assignment
- ACT (American College Testing exam) - I scored in the 99th percentile on my first attempt in the 11th grade.

My qualifications:
- 5x Dux of Year
- 99+ ATAR (OP1 equivalent)
- Academic Excellence (highest academic accolade) in every semester, all years (Years 7-12)
- Queensland Certificate of Academic Commendation
- Dalyell Scholar recipient (The University of Sydney)
- Top of state in Year 12 English (subject score of 100), Year 12 Literature subject score of 99
- Year 10 Young Writers' Award
- Prizewinner in the English Teachers Association of Queensland Literary Competition
- National Finalist in the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge
- Year 12 Speech Night Dux of Literature
- The Queensland Academic Foundation Award
- 100% Literature internal assessment score, 100% English internal assessment score, 100% Chemistry internal assessment score
- 99th percentile in first attempt of the ACT exam
- 99th percentile in first attempt of the SAT exam
- Received offers to study a Bachelor of Arts/Laws at The University of Sydney, Bachelor of Science/Laws at UQ, as well as a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at UNSW


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