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VCE graduate in 2014 with an ATAR of 99.25. Received the raw scores of 50 (History - Revolutions), 46 (Legal Studies) and 44 (Maths Methods) and 43 (English).

During lessons I will teach the necessary content (before students learn them at school), school and homework assistance, clarification of concepts and anything the student wants to address. Furthermore, specific tasks will be designed to prepare students for their upcoming SACs. My ultimate aim is to have students ready for their end of year exam by the start of September.

For those who needs help with their ENGLISH ORAL SAC for AOS 1 (if you are being assessed at the start of the year) I will also be able to offer assistance during this summer holiday (I received 20/20 for my oral in 2014.) Being a debating captain, coach, and a debating adjudicator for 2 years now, I have full confidence that my plethora of experience will be able to further enhance your score.

I have an abundance of resources, such as handouts, powerpoints, notes, practise SACs and practise Exams to give students more practise and enhance their skills.

- Previous students managed to jump from scores in the 60s to exam scores above 90
- A debating coach, guided an inexperienced team to the State Finals in 2014. This demonstrates my strong ability to transfer my knowledge and skills effectively to those who are younger than me.
- Have received group tuition and 1 to 1 tuition since grade 3. I know a range of ways to teach and what students would want from their tutor.

I possess a strong recollection of the content and skills required in VCE. I am empathetic and understanding of the stress and pressure of VCE, and that's why as a tutor I can help students to make VCE a much more easier road to walk.

- Any library in the Manningham/Whitehorse Area
- State Library
- Home Visits ($50 per hour)

Please do not hesitate to contact me for an obligation free chat. I would usually reply more quickly if you text me but email is fine. I'm more than happy to answer all your questions.



East Doncaster Secondary College

2015 - 2015

(In Progress)

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: Upon Request)


Tutoring History Revolutions (France and Russia) Unit 3/4.

Received a raw score of 50 for this subject in 2014.

History is something I feel extremely passionate about, and it is a subject that I have profound knowledge and experience with given that I have undertaken this subject since year 7. Core skills and content will be taught. Students will have very exam-orientated lessons and learn how to manage their time in SACs and Exam (as history exam is difficult to finish on time).

Possess all the necessary notes, practise SACs and exams to help students to get as much practise as they can.

Tutoring Legal Studies Unit 1-4.

Received a raw score of 46 for this subject in 2013.

As I am currently studying law in university, I will maintain a strong awareness of what is happening in the legal system currently, which can become critical help for students when approaching unit 3/4. Moreover, being an experienced debater I can transfer my critical thinking skills to students, a skill that is crucial for success in Unit 3/4. Lessons are much more exam-orientated for unit 3/4 while unit 1/2 is more skill and content focused.

Possess all the necessary notes, practise SACs and exams to help students to get as much practise as they can.

Tutoring Maths Methods Unit 1-4, yr 7-10 General maths.

Received a raw score of 44 for this subject in 2014.

I have a huge range of experience in tuition for maths, as I received tuition for it since grade 3. Thus I have a wealth of knowledge on the various ways of teaching maths, and ways to teach difficult concepts that can be easily understood by students. Maths is about understanding the concepts and being exposed to a range of questions, and familiarise yourself with it. This is what I aim to do with my students, especially approaching VCE.

Possess all the necessary notes, practise SACs and exams to help students to get as much practise as they can.

I am also familiar with the new changes to the methods study design in 2016 in regards to probability.

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