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  • Happy to deliver online or face-to-face tutoring service depends on the needs. Comfortable to meet at public libraries near city or inner city area. First class as trial class with discounts available.

About Me

I am a native Mandarin speaker who has lived in Korea for 4 years and Australia for 4 years.

I have experience teaching Mandarin at Korean Incheon City Hall as a volunteer, and experience teaching Korean to university students.

I am confident that I am the language tutor you are looking for if you want to learn Mandarin with a native speaker from beginning level to business level; or want to learn Korean from beginning level to advanced level. The study plan can be made based on your current language level and the level you would like to reach in 6 months to 3 years.




2017 - 2019

Background Check

  • Police Check (Reference No.: 7767097PC)


Have lived in Korea for 4 years with experience teaching uni students Korean

Native speaker with experience teaching adult Mandarin

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  • PTE , Mandarin , Korean
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