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  • Live the Joy of Music, I am a vocal arts specialist, and I would love to help you be the singer/performer/pianist you want to be

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Hi, my name is Laine. I am a vocal arts specialist, and I would love to help you be the singer/performer/pianist you want to be. I want to help you have fun achieving your musical goals. I am a highly qualified, accredited music/voice trainer, performance coach, performer and musical director with national and international experience. I specialize in coaching versatile singers and performers capable of all genres of vocal/musical performance from speech training, pop/rock, jazz, music theatre to classical. I have had 25 years successful teaching and industry experience and am able to assist you with career guidance, direction and industry contacts. During my career I have been vocal coach to numerous professional performers appearing in New York theatre productions, Queensland Theatre Company and La Boite Theatre Company productions as well as numerous festivals such as the Queensland Music Festival, Woodford and the Brisbane Festival, some of my students have gone on to secure places with London West End Theatre productions, International Cruise Liners shows, The Ten Tenors, Opera Queensland, Melbourne State Opera, Sony Records and popular T.V. Show’s. I offer quality, personalised, fun tuition, – Sing for fun or sing for a career I can help get you there. *Singing Lessons – Music Theatre, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Folk, Progressive Classical, Broadway Belt, Pop & Gospel.

Singing Lessons: Topics Covered: • Vocal and Body Posture Warm-Ups, Basic Music Theory for Singing, Musicianship Aural for Singing Basic Vocal Technique, Posture, Breathing, Tone Production, Vocal Exercises Technical, Vocal Exercises Aural, Song Repertoire & Technical, Breathing, Phrasing, Tone Production, Songs Creative Vocal Style, Vocal Artistry, The Joy of Singing. Examinations available but not compulsory: For the student wanting to pursue higher education and a professional career in Music you have a choice of: Trinity Exam – Singing, Music Theater, Performing Arts


Music Studies - Voice (Pedagogy)

Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium

2014 - 2015

(In Progress)


Southern Cross Connection College

2015 - 2015

Music Studies - Voice (Performance)

Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium

2014 - 2014


Southern Cross Connection College

2012 - 2012

Diploma Music Voice

Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium

1986 - 1989

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 643529/4, Expiry Date: 13/12/2014)


Singing - Pop/Rock, Jazz, Music Theatre, Belt, Classical
I am a singing specialist who knows all the up to date, scientifically proven techniques. Sing any style really well!

Piano - Modern and Sing & Play
Learn to play or play & sing all the songs you love. Learn to read music and play chords.

Guitar - Folk and Sing & Play
Learn play & sing all the songs you love. Learn fingerpicking, strumming and playing chords.

Learn to write your own songs. Learn about lyric writing, melody writing, choosing chords, arranging and score writing

Performance Coaching
Turn your musical skill into a great performance. Learn about stage presence, performance design, microphone technique and creative project design.

Music Theory
Learn to read and write music, as well as develop musicianship aural.

Speech Training
Vocal Training for Radio, Television, Film, Stage and Public Speaking, Overcoming Speech Impediments, Neutralizing Accents, General Self-Confidence

Vocal Harmony Training
Improve your ability to sing in harmony. This is a great lesson that suits small to medium size groups. Get your friends together and come and learn how to sing your favorite songs in harmony.

Strategic Arts Industry, Career Planning and Coaching
The arts industry can be challenging to navigate even when you are a professional in the field. Where do you start? How do you get your career off the ground? How do you get an agent? How do you design your career? What resources do you need? All these questions and more are answered in this session. I will help you with a personalised comprehensive plan and coaching designed to transform you from a beginner performing artist to a sustainable professional in the arts industry of your choice.
Topics Covered: Aims and Ambitions, Goal setting and Achieving, Budgeting, Career Maintenance, Implementation Process , Industry Networking, Sourcing Opportunities

Professional Performer Training
To become a professional performer you need passion, commitment, skill, drive, and a great plan. The performance training module covers information, skills and training essential to the professional performer. Topics Covered:
• Musicianship Practical, Theoretical, Creative, Advanced Vocal Styling Techniques, Vocal Improvisation, Stage Presence, Stage Etiquette, Performance Styles, Performance Techniques Stage Presentation, Performance Practice, Stage Movement Speaking on Stage, Creative Project Design, Microphone Technique, Performance Confidence, Theatre Orientation, Staging Directions, Prompt Sheets
We will discuss the realities of being a Performer and how to develop and maintain confidence in your talent. We will empower you to professionally accept disappointments, negative feedback and rejection and transform all energy into a positive learning experience

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