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About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Juliet and I just graduated from Star of the Sea with a 97.6 ATAR.

- Part of the English tutoring program at Star of the Sea
- Tutor two Health and Human Development students
- Tutor one Psychology student
- Tutor two Maths Methods
- Tutor two Year 10 Maths
- Tutor one Year 9 Maths
- Tutor one Year 5 student for SEAL entry exam

Some things about me:
- I am studying a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University
- I love teaching and know that if I didn’t want to continue with my current degree, I would try out teaching
- I am super motivated and love to be busy
- I am very passionate about the things I do and would love to help make anyone else feel the same
- Something special about me is that I feel I am diverse in the subjects and activities I partake. At Star of the Sea, I was in the large choir and competition choir for all my schooling as well as participating in both school musicals where I played leads. In contrast to this, I am a maths nerd and I love it! Maths was always my favourite subject as I loved solving questions where I knew there was only one answer. In turn to this, I loved HHD, a very different subject to both mathematics and the creative performing side of myself. I believe that having a balance of all different areas amongst school can help individuals to have outstanding results as they are gaining an understanding in many different categories.

- RAW 46 in Health and Human Development. This was my FAVOURITE subject and I’d love to make it yours too! I picked up the subject in year 12 without the units 1 or 2 and had a 95% average for both units 3 and 4.
- RAW 40 in English. I was never a strong English student throughout my high school years, however, by putting in effort and striving to perform my best, I ended up getting an A+ on my exam.
- SCALED 46 in Specialist Maths. This was a very challenging, but rewarding subject. By pushing through and really investing time and effort into this subject, it is achievable to excel.
- SCALED 45 in Maths Methods. I didn’t try to hard in Methods until the end of the year, so I assure you, by putting in the hard work earlier, your grades will reflect these efforts.
- RAW 34 in Music Performance. I did Solo in Contemporary Voice and I LOVED the performance aspect and ended up getting an A on that final exam however, was never as driven by the theory side of things.
- RAW 40 in Psychology in 2019. I completed psychology as a 3/4 in year 11 without the background knowledge of units 1/2. I think this is extremely doable for anyone interested and know what when you master the style of questions for this subject, you will go great.

Tess in HHD said ‘Juliet is an amazing tutor, she is so kind and patient and super helpful. She is amazing at explaining concepts and working through them until you understand it perfectly. Juliet puts so much effort into the sessions to make sure you achieve your full potential!‘

I love teaching! I am happy to go through questions, teach content, revise before a test... you name it and I’m there!! Reach out if your interested as I would love to take you on board as my student!


Speech Pathology

La Trobe University

2021 - 2025

(In Progress)

Completed Year 12

Star of the Sea

2015 - 2020

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 2184340A-01, Expiry Date: 21/04/2026)


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