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  • Fine Arts/Arts UNSW graduate offering tutoring services to all ages

About Me

* Completed double degree in Fine Arts/Arts (Drawing, Photography, Linguistucs, Pyshchology and Philosophy.
* Completed HSC in 2016, top of NSW in French and band 5 in English.
* 2 years experience working in the creative field, 4 years in management.
* Multilingual: English native speaker, fluent Serbian, intermediate French and basic Mandarin and Japanese.
* Highly digitally literate
* Outgoing and friendly

My teaching style:

I believe a balance of practical and theoretical knowledge is necessary for learning. Teaching really depends on the student, how they learn best and what their goals are. To best learn any subject or skill, we must immerse ourselves in it, introducing elements to our everyday lives in gradually increasing increments.

My students love my detail oriented and tailored approach to teaching. My creative, multilingual background and my minor in Psychology give me a great insight on how learning environments must be tailored to the student so that they may learn a new mode of thinking.


Fine Arts/Arts


2016 - 2020


I offer Design and Technology courses for all ages, am able to specialise this for students K-12. Digital design including Adobe creative Suite included.

I offer tutoring on the English language to all ages wishing to learn English and I offer specialised English tutoring for students (K-12). I got a band 5 in HSC English and my degree gave me a terrific background in writing and speaking!

Maths tutoring offered for primary school students.

I offer both theoretical and practical lessons in drawing, contemporary art, photography and painting.

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