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  • Electronics Engineering Student, teaching maths and electronics

About Me

I am an Electronics Engineering Student, entering my 4th year of study with a passion for Maths, and Electronics. I have recently moved to Brisbane from Adelaide and enjoy exploring the city and surrounding areas.

I am an outgoing person and love to talk and work with others. I believe that at the end of the day, people do business with people, so being able to be relatable and have good, meaningful conversation is really important.

My hobbies include rockclimbing and playing soccer. Moving to Brisbane has been great for rockclimbing as there are many outstanding areas around


Electronic Engineering

Griffith University

2018 - 2022

(In Progress)


Algebra, Geometry and Statistics

Algebraic Functions
Trigonemtric Functions
Calculating Measurements and Geometry - Area, Volume
Imaginary Numbers
Intro to Calculus - Derivatives, Integrals

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