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  • Learn Maths in a way it becomes more like play and you feel like doing more of it

About Me

I am an architect and a M.Sc in Urban Planning. I have been teaching Maths to primary, secondary and college level students for more than 5 years.

I believe a teacher's job is more than providing mundane solutions to the problems but to spark curiosity in students so that finding solutions to the problems becomes a treasure hunt for them.


M.Sc in Urban Planning


2017 - 2019

Bachelor in Architecture


2011 - 2015


I focus on my students' needs and his/her areas of strength and weakness. My success lies in the fact that I actually make a student solve a problem, in a way that once done they will never forget it again. I also hire tricks and methods that makes Maths more like a play and a student has the urge to do more and learn more.

Lesson Information

  • Lesson Type:
  • One to One
  • In Group
  • Online
  • Lesson Language:
  • IELTS , Hindi


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