Michael Parramatta, NSW 2150

  • 99.70 ATAR | 1st Physics, 4th Chemistry - Baulkham Hills High School

About Me

✔️ ATAR: 99.70
✔️ 1st in HSC Physics at Baulkham Hills
✔️ 4th in HSC Chemistry at Baulkham Hills
✔️ All-Rounders Award (Band 6 in all 10 HSC units)
✔️ 4+ Years of Teaching Experience


High School Certificate

Baulkham Hills High School

2012 - 2017


Complete set of bespoke theory notes, exam questions, homework sets, worked solutions and module exams provided! Sample available upon request.

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  • One to One
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  • Parramatta, NSW 2150
Bianca Cai (28 Aug 2021)
Michael helped me improve my understanding of HSC Chemistry by an exponential in an incredibly short period of time, providing explanations that made concepts much more understandable and was always available to answer any questions.
Chayoon Kim (28 Aug 2021)
Michael you are legit amazing in what you do and i really hope that you'll continue to be the inspiring person you are and that our paths will cross sometime again!!!
Grace Jeong (28 Aug 2021)
From guiding you to achieve better marks to helping you aim at goals and have meaning and purpose in your studies, Michael is a tutor you can’t find anywhere else!
Joyce Lee (28 Aug 2021)
Michael, you actually have me tearing up I legit did not expect this and I am soooo blessed to have you as a tutor. Not only as a tutor but as a friend and mentor in life. I really can’t thank you enough for everything. I hope you will have the same impact on all your future students.
Omkar Deshpande (28 Aug 2021)
Michael is beyond an amazing tutor who's commitment and passion stands out brilliantly. Michael is my Physics tutor and the manner in which he teaches has not only boosted my rank but also made me love the subject so much more and actually take an interest in the topics explored. Michael is also very easy to reach, so any time I have a question it's almost answered instantaneously. His easy-going and friendly nature also means that students don't feel uncomfortable in asking questions and overall contributes to his excellent tutoring. Thanks for everything Michael!
Laurence Lee (28 Aug 2021)
There’s nothing like learning in an environment where you feel genuinely engaged and comfortable during the lessons. Michael is highly competent, but what separates him from the rest is his willingness to cater for the needs of every student. With Michael you won’t only learn how to ace the HSC, but to also learn and grow as a person – life skills for short. I’m not someone to take risks, but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you learn from Michael wherever he goes.
Elton Le Khac (28 Aug 2021)
In Year 11, when I was applying to join tutoring for Physics and Chemistry I wasn’t expecting much other than to just learn syllabus content. However, having Michael as my tutor has been definitely more than just mastering content. With his first hand experience from sitting his own HSC fairly recently, he knows exactly what it is like to be in our position and gives us his best advice on not only tackling the HSC, but life problems in general. Michael has been my tutor and mentor for two years now and has been providing continuous support in helping me maximise my HSC marks.
Lelong (28 Aug 2021)
Michael is a super caring and friendly tutor. He is able to create a fun and highly engaging learning environment so that I'm able to ask my questions openly without feeling uncomfortable of judgement. He has an amazing ability to explain things in a way that is simple and straight to the point ... if you're looking to ace HSC Chemistry and Physics, he's the guy!
Jenny (28 Aug 2021)
I seriously cannot recommend Michael enough. Not only is he extremely in-depth with his explanations of all concepts in the HSC syllabus, but he is able to show you exactly how to apply the theory to answer exam questions. Having been mentored by him since the start of Year 11, I cannot thank him enough for his consistent effort in helping me master the course content and write masterful long responses - huge credits to him!