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About Me

Specialised SDD and IPT Tutoring || 97.15 ATAR || 1st Rank || Online

Hi, I’m Izaac

Currently I work full time as a software engineer, I graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science from The University of New South Wales in 2022. I graduated from Caringbah Selective High School in 2019 achieving an ATAR of 97.15 and ranking 1st internally in Software Design and Development and Information Processes Technology with band 6 results.

Please note I am currently only taking enrollments for students sitting the 2024 HSC, unfortunately I am at capacity for this year's cohort.

My HSC Results:

97.15 ATAR (verified)

96 (B6) in Software Design and Development (1st internally)
95 (B6) in Mathematics Advanced
93 (B6) in Information Processes Technology (1st internally)
88 (B5) in English Advanced
86 (B5) in Physics
43 (E3) in Mathematics Extension 1

I have been tutoring Software Design and Development and Information Processes Technology exclusively for over 3 years. By focusing on these two subjects I am able to share with my students a specialised depth of knowledge on these related subjects and my genuine passion for the field of computing. My industry experience as a full time software engineer and my university degree (computer science) has greatly extended my knowledge of the content taught in these courses, ensuring I am able to answer any and all questions relating to course topics, provide further insight and extend students beyond course content where appropriate.

I place a strong emphasis on answering exam style questions in class, including past HSC exams, trial exams and a variety of other sources. My purpose in doing this is of course firstly to ensure the student has a firm grasp on the content being examined but also to refine exams techniques (many specific to SDD and IPT) that will greatly improve exam performance.

By consistently completing exam style questions and receiving feedback in accordance with the marking guide for each exam, I endeavour to have each of my students able to visualise the marking guide for questions they are presented with using clues from HSC keywords and experience with all styles of questions from past exams, ensuring that they understand exactly what is expected of them and what they need to do to receive full marks. This gives students a huge advantage in producing concise and to the point answers that meet the criteria for full marks and avoid lengthy and extraneous answers that are inefficient in a time-pressured exam setting and are consistently awarded low marks.

I am experienced in communicating computing concepts, developing my passion for and first experiences with tuition in 2019 when I was selected to be a student mentor for UNSW’s HS1151 accelerated university course whilst still in year 12, attending weekly tutorials and providing in class support for students. After completing my HSC I began offering tutoring for SDD and IPT. Since then I have had the privilege of tutoring a variety of students and have been able to consistently improve assessment results for all my students.

I offer tuition in an online only format and will continue to do so post COVID-19 restrictions. I find the online format is very well suited to the subjects offered.

Please don’t hesitate to send me a message, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have or simply have a chat.

Working With Children Check No. : WWC2133880E


Computer Science

University of New South Wales

2020 - 2022

(In Progress)

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