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About Us

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With a library of resources and study guides, we specialise in a variety of subjects to teach and guide students for exams and concept building.

With specialists available for online tutoring, we believe you will develop all the skills to excel in the subjects when you choose to be tutored by us.

We promise to make every session a collaborative experience where we tailor the sessions to your strengths and weaknesses gauged from an initial consultation session.

After each lesson, you will walk away with:

- Study Guides
- Questions/Assessment items for the topic
- Creative learning tools and more

Maths, Physics & Chemistry do not have to be scary. In fact, they are actually very enjoyable and we promise to make it enjoyable for you so you can achieve higher and better.

All sessions are 65 minutes to facilitate setting up, packing up, etc. Classes will be conducted on Google Meet and Discord where we post regular material for the student to complete in between sessions.

Discounted lesson packages available, contact us for more information and to book in your first free demo session!


First lesson free for 40 mins.

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Year 11 & 12 or University Standard

Grade 11 & 12 Applications, Methods and Specialist
Grade 10 or below.

Grade 11 & 12 or University Standard

First to Second Year University Level

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  • Online
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  • Martin, WA 6110
Sahil (8 May 2022)
The maths tutor was very good, he had highly advanced knowledge and could help me out in methods for a test that I had been dreading. Prashanti was also amazing to set up all the sessions in a timely manner and there was a lot of support from her end for the entire duration I was being tutored.
Jacky (8 May 2022)
I did chemistry sessions with Prism, and they have been extremely helpful and the tutors went out of their way to help me out in Maths too when required. I really liked how they were available between my sessions to answer any questions I had and have really helped me get better grades. Would recommend!