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  • [99.60 ATAR] Eastern Suburbs Tutor - Maths, Science, English, Chemistry, Biology

About Me

In 2019, I graduated from Sydney Grammar School achieving the highest band in all 12 of my units and an ATAR of 99.60. I've tutored 40+ students since graduating and the subjects I tutor are: Maths, Science (including Chemistry and Biology for years 11 and 12), English and French for years 3-12.

My Approach
Tutoring is pointless unless it leads to long-term improvement! When I reflect back on being a school student, I genuinely wish more teachers and tutors had focused on helping me understand rather than memorise content. As a result, I think my greatest strength as a tutor is my ability to explain difficult, abstract concepts in a simple way. I also like to take a wholistic approach to tutoring by teaching study techniques alongside stress and mindset management skills. These skills also happen to set people up for a rewarding and productive life, which is ultimately the aim of school in the first place!

Why you should choose me
- 3+ years of experience
- Tutored 40+ students
- 99.60 ATAR
- Overqualified - having done advanced Chemistry, Biology and Maths units at University
More engaging and relatable than the average high school teacher
- I know the ins-and-outs of the NESA syllabus while also having an extensive knowledge of Maths, English, Science, Chemistry and Biology well beyond the syllabus
- Personally committed to learning - I've completed a Bachelor of Medical Science and am now completing a Masters of Neuroscience at the University of Sydney
- I spend at least 15 minutes preparing for every lesson so that we can get through as much as possible within the hour
- I mark essays, provide feedback and compile free question banks outside lesson time (free of charge)
- I take a wholistic approach to tutoring - I teach stress management skills, study techniques, exam technique as well as addressing any other limiting factors that affect a student's success such as mental health, a lack of confidence and self-limiting mindsets
- I make sure to keep you, as the parent, in the loop so that you don't have to stress about your child's progress
- I genuinely love helping others - hence my commitment to all things education, medicine and research

Lesson Details
- Location: Double Bay Library (or online) - I offer online tutoring, although in my experience it tends to be less engaging and motivating for students, so I prefer in person tutoring.
- Time: Monday to Friday 3:30PM-8PM, Saturday and Sunday upon request.
- Price: $90 an hour.

Instead of making you read another pointless, generic blurb for 5 minutes I'd prefer to save your precious time. Please get in touch so I can tell you why I'm so confident I can improve your child's academic performance just like I've done for countless others.


Masters of Neuroscience

University of Sydney

2023 - 2024

(In Progress)

Bachelor of Medical Science

University of Sydney

2020 - 2022

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC2073960E, Expiry Date: 29/01/2025)
  • Police Check (Reference No.: NSS001, Expiry Date: 22/07/2026)

Lesson Information

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  • One to One
  • In Group
  • Online
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  • Double Bay, NSW 2028
Eddie (2 Apr 2023)
Emanuel has been tutoring my daughter in year 6 math for the past term and I am very satisfied with her results at school so far. She had been struggling at school for a while now and her teacher called me to tell me she had trouble doing her homework. Since she's started tutoring, I've seen her marks going up and her interest in doing maths homework improved a lot. Very happy so far! Thanks Emanuel