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About Me

My name is Greg Frelingos: 97.40 ATAR along with the All-Rounders award (Band 6 in all subjects) and High Achievers award. I currently have a degree in Psychology, and am pursuing further study by doing my honours year at MQU which was extremely competitive to get into.

For years 7-10: Year 7-10 are ESSENTIAL years in which your child must develop study habits that will assist them in year 11 and 12. Do not leave it too late! Many students suffer in stage 6 as they have never received the proper guidance regarding effective study habits such as note taking and exam preparation techniques. I will not only be assisting the students with their subjects: I will go beyond and teach them how to study smartly and efficiently. I specialise in English Standard and Advance, PDHPE, Business Studies, Ancient history and English-based subjects from year 7-10.

For years 11-12: My reviews show how impactful I can be on year 11-12 students. I have greatly increased students ability to improve their ranking within the class significantly. What separates me from other tutors is knowing EXACTLY how the HSC works. It is simply not good enough to basically memorise content and not understanding the role that each assessment task has in contributing towards you HSC. Every assessment - no matter if it's weighted 5% or 50%, all contribute significantly towards the ATAR. My style of tutoring is very goal-focused/orientated for my year 11-12 students. I emphasise discipline to a great extent, meaning I can be harsh when I find my students are not performing due to laziness, a lack of self-discipline and a lack of effort. My ultimate aim is to instil these qualities within my students, so they are endowed with the life-long skills that they can apply when out of school. Students will feel confident under my guidance, will feel respected and listened to and will feel a sense of stability regarding their progress.

Whilst my availability is limited due to popular demand, please feel free to contact me for a session! All of the students I am currently tutoring have made significant progress. Last year, I managed to get 6 of my students band 6's in subjects they needed help with, along with a plethora of band 5's.


Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Macquarie University

2019 - 2022

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