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About Me

-MAS 2A/B-3C/D, MAT3A/B-3C/D for school students
-Physics 2A/2B, 3A/3B for school students
-University mathematics, Physics for Science and Engineering
-Mechnic Static/Dynamic/Material, Fluid Dynamic and Thernodynaic
-Electrical engineering, Electronic, Power system and Control system

PhD in engineering awarded by Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1991
Over 20 year teach at universities
Tutoring in Perth since 2010

Review from Stuart Reeves (Master degree Engineer)

Finding tutors who really understand engineering and in particular control systems theory are rare. Finding one who can actually teach the subject is almost impossible. Dr. Jim Yao got me through a subject that I doubt I would have ever passed without his patience and persistence. His ability to go through difficult concepts in several different ways until I finally understood it was excellent. I would recommend Dr. Jim Yao to any engineering or mathematics students needing assistance


Electrical Engineering

Norwegian Institute of Technology

1988 - 1991

(In Progress)


- All levels of Math and Math Specialist for school students
- Physics 2A/2B, 3A/3B for school students
- All levels of university mathematics and including Linear Algebra
- University physics and static/dynamic mechanics
- Electrical and electronic engineerings

University lecturer returning home from SingaporeUnlock your genius with Dr. Jim, one of most knowledgeable tutors in Perth. Dr. Jim was a home-returning university lecturer from Singapore and has being tutoring in Perth for 4 years. He offers tutoring to Y10-Y12 school students on Math and Physics and to University students on Math, Physics, and various engineering. Photos displayed below show some of Dr. Jim’s tutees; they are from top schools and universities in Perth. With Dr. Jim’s creative teaching his tutees all are making significant progresses in their study, some of they become top ranking in their classes and achieving top marks in WACE exam, while some are converted from initial struggling to above average. There is one photo showing two Arabic students from ECU, they were from initial struggling in Electric Circuits and end up with achieving distinction in exam.
To school students my tuition covers on Math 2CD/3AB/3CD, Math Specialist, 3AB/3CD, Physics 2AB/3AB and Math/Physics for bridging students
To university student my tuition covers all levels of Engineering Mathematics, University Physics, Linear Algebra, Mechanic Static/Dynamic, Electric/Electronic circuits, Power electronics, Control systems and etc.
All my tuition is conducted at my workshop in Thornlie. Please contact me, for any enquiry or further detail, either on email: jimyao2@hotmail.com or mobile: 040526**** + show full number .

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