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About Me

Hi! I am Soohyun from South Korea.
I was born in Busan and lived Seoul over 10 years. I am native Korean.
I have 2 years tutoring experiences teaching English and Math to Korean high school students.
I am patient and very friendly person. I'm also a good listener.

Prior to the first class, I am going to ask these following questions
- Reasons & purpose for learning Korean
- Current Korean level
- Preferred teaching style
**Based on what you answered, I’ll prepare the first lesson.
**After the first lesson, I’ll give you individual schedule so you can see the overall curriculum.

1.Beginner (don't know 'Hangeul')
Are you a beginner who can’t read Korean at all? Don’t worry!
I can teach you how to read Korean alphabet called Hangul.
You can master it in just a few lessons.

2. Beginner (already know 'Hangeul')
Are you a beginner who can read Korean?
We’re going to learn various words, sentences, and expressions that Koreans often use in their daily lives.
Also, we’re going to practice what we learned by doing role plays, such as ordering at a café or restaurant, making a purchase at a clothing store or book shop.

3.Intermediate & Advanced
If you already have a good Korean speaker, we are going to practice more diverse daily conversation and learn Korean slang.
Also, I’ll correct your pronunciation and accent so that you can speak Korean more naturally!

*Regardless of Korean level, we can translate your favorite K-pop,K-drama, K-movie together once a month.
*Do you like Korean food? I love cooking. If you want, I can share Korean food recipes easy and simple to make at home.
*If you want, you can learn both standard Korean(Seoul) and Gyreongsang-do(Busan) dialect.

Thank you for reading my introduction!
Hope you see you soon! Thanks!


Medical Laboratory Science

University in South Korea

2013 - 2017


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