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About Me

My Worldview about Learning

Everyone, to different extents, want to be able to reach their fullest potential when it comes to academic success. Whilst tutors do base their service in helping students reach their potential through homework and assessment help and general feedback, I see the need to expand beyond those traditional constraints.

Through my work as a professional and private tutor, I have come to understand that the learning styles of every individual varies, different people have varying strengths and weaknesses and sometimes, the help that these people need are in terms of gaining a better understanding about major decisions in school such as choosing the right electives in Year 9/10 and Year 11/12.

Having been through these stages myself, I understand what it is like to be confused and apprehensive about making the right choices and the importance of having the right people to guide me.

As such, my role is not just as a tutor but also as a mentor. I strive to be a role model to my students and someone who is available whenever you need help or advice.

Method of Tuition

In order to make myself more available on evenings and weekends and make tuition updated with the advances of the 21st century, I will be shifting my services to an online platform via Skype. Once the problem is discussed, a tour of the online classroom will be conducted and lessons will then commence. Documents and images can be shared in a two-way form, hand-drawn diagrams can be shown through an online whiteboard and text chat is made simultaneously available on that very platform.

How will online tuition benefit me?

1. Simplicity
The process is very simple whether or not you are tech-savvy. Skype is a free program that can be downloaded through the company’s website and the online classroom I am using requires a brief signing up process to get started.

2. Convenience
There are no travelling costs where you would have to drive to the local library, online tuition does not inconvenience you as everything is done online and at home, as parents, you can check in on how the sessions are going and flexible scheduling which will accommodate you no matter how busy one might be through extra-curricular activities, family events and sport on weekdays and weekends. I can offer sessions on demand as needed or it could be regularly scheduled.

3. Effectiveness
Lessons are still personalised as it is a one-to-one interaction where I can structure lessons based off on students’ needs and availability. Homework, assignment help and other concerns are conducted online either through Skype or the online classroom for each session; problems are walked through, strategies are suggested and feedback is instant.

Based on the experiences of my current Year 11 students, they consider online tutoring to be just as effective, if not more (in light of the amount of learning materials I can link them to), than traditional “face to face” tutoring.

What areas can you help in?
K-10: English, Math, Science, History, Geography, IST, PDHPE
11-12: Biology, English (Standard, Advanced, Extension 1, Extension 2), General Maths, Modern History, History Extension.
Homework help, creative/essay writing and assignment feedback and strengthening for the trials, exams etc
Advice in schooling matters, choosing electives, getting your dream ATAR.

What is your rate and how do payments work?
My rate is $25/hr and lessons are paid in advance preferably through PayPal or otherwise via bank transfer. Once that is done, we are ready to begin!


Hopefully, you have found this post insightful and if what I have written strikes a chord in you, your aspirations to be a better student/life-long learner or leads to a question, do feel free to ask! [:

I look forward to working with you to your goals.


Medical Science Advanced

University of Western Sydney

2015 - 2015

(In Progress)

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  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC0564346E, Expiry Date: 01/07/2015)

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