Dave Do

Dave Do Liverpool, NSW 2170

  • Private Maths Tutor | Graduated HSC in 2014 with an ATAR of 98.70 | 2Yr Experience

About Me

Dave is a first year University student currently studying a Double degree in Mathematics and Education at the University of Western Sydney. He graduated HSC in 2014 with an ATAR of 98.70

He was sponsored to study teaching and will become a secondary Maths teacher in the future. It is his passion and career goal to make a positive change in every students’ academic life, whether they are at the top of their cohort or struggling with the concepts.

Dave has extensive tutoring experience in both formal and informal settings. He has been a private tutor for one year and has continuously been an after-school homework centre helper at his ex-high school for nearly two years.

Dave is able to tutor all levels of Mathematics from year 1 up to and including 3 Unit Mathematics in the HSC. He studied 4 Unit Maths and accelerated 2 unit while he was still in year 11 and achieved a mark of 92 overall.

For Dave students’ mathematical ability is important however he also sees building a relationship between individuals as another major important life skill. He has had extremely good relationships with his students and most becomes good friends afterwards.

Dave also has a Working with Children Check and references from many satisfied clients and students are also available.

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC0609115E, Expiry Date: 17/02/2015)
  • Police Check


Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Education


2015 - 2015


Group Tutoring and multiple lessons discounts

Group Tutoring

$20 per student per hour (minimum 2 students)

Multiple lessons discounts

Students who study 3 or more hours per week will have special discounts. $80 for THREE HOUR and $25 per hour afterwards.

Can be shared between siblings.

Promotion End On 18/12/2015


Business Studies comes to me quite naturally. I studied most of the concept by myself and am extremely confident in Finance and Operations.

I achieved 98 Exam mark in the HSC and an overall 98.

I have been able to lift the mark of one of my students from a low fail (~30%) to 68% in her recent assessment task.

HSC Result:

Year 11: 92%
Year 11: 96%

For Economics, tutoring will include marking of essays, quizzes, exam-style questions and examples in the weeks lead up to assessment tasks or exam.

I will also teach you how to score a Band 6 essay and how to answer short-answer questions. The approach will be very tactical and direct, allowing you to actually understand the concept. You will also have a chance to ask me to explain in details about a specific dot point or sub topic and anything economic-related.

I achieved 92 in Economics in the HSC and has been coming first in all internal assessment tasks.

HSC Results:

Year 11: 99%
year 12: 92%

I can teach English ESL for year 11 and 12 with Area of Study and Modules.

I ranked 9th in the state for ESL in 2014 and achieved an overall mark of 96 for the course.

I have many model essays and much real life experience with the subject which you may find really helpful in achieving higher grade.

HSC Results:

Year 11: 95%
Year 12: 95%

I have much experience with the HSC Mathematics courses, especially the 2 Unit and 3 Unit course.

Having done the 2 Unit course twice, one in year 11 as an accelerated student (achieved 92 HSC mark) and one in year 12, ended up receiving 96.

I also achieved 93/E4 mark for 3 Unit.

My students have seen drastic improvements in their performance whether they are in primary school or high school.

I can confidently say that my expertise and experience with the 2 Unit course will definitely help you improve 1-2 bands in just 2 months. Students' testimonies available.

HSC Results:

Year 11: 99%
Year 12: 95%

I completed this unit in Semester of 2015 with an overall 3rd rank and a HD at UWS.

Annotated notes and sample exams available.

I thoroughly understand all the concepts taught in this subject plus my 2 year experience in tutoring will help you achieve the best grade available.



Conversational classes for people from non-English background. I have training in helping you to succeed and improve in your English.


8.0 overall band

My background is Vietnamese and I also studied Vietnamese in high school and received specific training in delivering Vietnamese lessons.

I speak fluently English and Vietnamese I therefore can explain Vietnamese concepts to your children should they are struggling with understanding Vietnamese.

HSC Result:

Year 11: 85%
Year 12: 92%

Lesson Information

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  • One to One
  • In Group
  • Lesson Language:
  • English-General , English-IELTS , Vietnamese
  • Liverpool, NSW 2170