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  • 99.95 ATAR, State rank, 98 UMAT, HSC All rounder, USYD COMBINED MEDICINE

About Me

Taught as a guest tutor at Sydney Boys High School (2014)
Taught as a private tutor and class tutor at The Brain Education (2015)
Taught temporarily as a classroom assistant at SIGI Learners (2015)
Teaching as a private tutor in Hurstville (2015 - 2017)

I have achieved a 99.95 in the HSC (2014) and a State rank in Chemistry.
My scores in the HSC are as follows:
- 99 in Extension 1 maths (3U)
- 96 in Extension 2 maths (4U)
- 95 in Physics (1st in interally)
- 97 in Chemistry (19th in the state)
- 94 in English

I teach using material which can guarantee a good student a band 6. My notes which have been important in achieving my band 6s, state ranks and 99.95 ATAR are given to all my students in the form of a cleanly presented booklet either at the start of every module or every focus point.
I have a very large set of past papers and handouts from tutoring centres and high schools which I use to aid my students.

My goal is to take my students under my wing and help them achieve their personal best with the aid of my experience and knowledge.
I wish to impart everything I know to my students, showing them ways around trick questions, correcting errors in their understanding and showing the fastest, most efficient method in answering questions.

One of my personal goals is also to make the learning process of my students easier.


Doctor of Medicine

University of Sydney

2018 - 2022

(In Progress)

Masters of Science (Clinical Epidemiology)

University of Sydney

2019 - 2022

(In Progress)

Bachelor of Science (Advanced)

University of Sydney

2015 - 2017

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC0582979V, Expiry Date: 28/01/2020)
  • Police Check (Reference No.: 1814460PC, Expiry Date: 23/07/2015)


Taught using state ranking notes,
I scored 97 in Chemistry (state rank) in 2014. I came tied 1st in my school overall in this subject (SBHS) and I use my notes to teach this subject.

My lessons are 2 hours long, I provide questions similar to HSC style to build your ability to answer examination questions at school. I also show you how to answer these questions and common pitfalls of high school students.

My lessons conveniently line up with what is taught at school so you will not fall behind and will feel incredibly confident when the subject is taught to you at school as well.

99 in EXT1 mathematics,
96 in EXT2 mathematics
Accelerated ADV mathematics in Y11 with internal score of 97.

I have a range of textbooks to teach mathematical content from, including (but not limited to) Terry Lee, Coroneos, Cambridge, Fitzpatrick and a lot more. My mathematical ability can guarantee a good student a band 6 if they do all the homework I set out for them.

Past private maths students have seen improvements up to 150% in HSC Mathematics school examination marks.

Ranked 1st internally in 2014 at Sydney Boys High school, scored a 95 in the HSC for this subject.
My notes are band 6 level notes, I have a wide range of resources to use to teach this subject and to provide you with extra information in case you do not fully understand this hard subject.

I give HSC styled questions every week to improve your understanding of this subject, get you ready for future examinations and I show you how I would personally answer the questions and how to use marking schemes to maximise your marks in future examinations.

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  • ESL
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